5 Reasons Why E-Signatures are Becoming the New Standard


E-signatures were established in the late 1990s. However, as of today, they are the fastest and most straightforward way to do business. This is because it takes few clicks to sign in and send a legally binding document. Electronically signed copies are legal if the electronic signature is marked with the full consent of the signer.

Electronic signatures were made legal back in the year 2,000, both nationwide and globally. Since then, the digital signature market is worth $6 billion. It is made up of a couple of components. One of them is the signature. Electronic signatures have an inbuilt verification method system. The signatures must be verified when the person is digital signing in a personal way.

When uploading a document to a website, it is tagged to indicate where a signature is needed. Then it is emailed to everyone who is required to sign. The signers then fill in the required fields and sign the documents electronically. The copy is then emailed to the original sender and stored for convenient access. Here are some of the reasons why e-signatures are becoming the new standard:

They Have Layers of Security

Electric signatures sound complicated, but they are effortless to use, even for first-timers. Its simplicity is the primary reason why e-signatures have become so popular.

After electronically signing a document, any attempt to change the information will automatically require a digital signature. A wrong signature will respond with 'invalid signature. However, this is to provide maximum security for all the documents. It is because an electronic signature requires layers of user- authentication. As a result, they are more secure than handwritten documents.

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They Are User Friendly and Help in Times of Covid -19

The advantage of digital growth is that it has brought about modern ways. It has also brought a positive influence to people who make up the producer and consumer base. Creating a market for products is a challenging and broad concept. Nevertheless, it is a productive means of conducting business operations, especially where marketing requires a large population.

Electronic signature software helps secure a throughway with a lot of ease. It removes the complicated hassle with remote signatures. They do not deal with many documents where information can be hard to access and easily lost. Instead, it provides easy access and organized work.

E-signatures are very important during this era of the covid-19 pandemic. It has helped most organizations run their businesses even with the lockdown. Also, it helped pass lawfully signed documents through online platforms. It helps in curbing the spread of Covid-19.

Helps Business Save and Increase Cash-Flow

Sending business documents between companies and customers requires a lot of resources and time. Electronic signatures brought an effective way of transportation by eliminating the need for shipping, a notary, or travel costs. It has helped a lot of businesses to reduce costs before and after closing deals.

Using electronic signatures helps projects to move fast. It helps to increase productivity and cash flow. In addition, they help by creating seamless sales by allowing the customers to sign immediately. It also increases the business's flexibility through efficiency when transacting with big enterprises.
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Electronic signatures help many businesses, from retail, accounting, insurance, legal, finance, and healthcare. Digital signatures are unique hence cannot be forged. It helps safeguard all the business's assets.

They Are Easy to Use

One of the critical elements in any signature is its ability to provide updated records of the signee's information. Unfortunately, the traditional methods of paper signature are unguarded from human error. As a result, they can create adverse effects when dealing with serious legal or business documents. Signature errors can lead to fines and severe legal actions when the signatures are lost.

Electronic signatures cannot be lost. They store information and update it automatically. The documents used can be accessed quickly, and they have ample storage space. Using these electronic signatures ensures they can access all signatures when needed. E-signatures also easily integrate with other software, such as DocuSign salesforce integration.

They Are Efficient

Technology is more efficient compared to human work. E-signatures are faster and more effective compared to human resources. Unlike in the past, when people made deals with handshakes, e-signatures allow people to work remotely with evidence of deals made. E-signatures enable the collection of signatures across a business and client base more accessibly.

When any document has been signed, each party involved receives a copy of the document and a signing-in log. This log contains the information that makes the contract legal. The e-signatures allow one to have paperless working. It is environmentally friendly and saves on storage space.

The organizational structure has changed with the improvement of technology. It has brought about an increase in the number of people who telecommunicate from all over the world. In addition, the e-signature has brought about a speed-up in the workflow. It allows its users to send documents to many people with a single click of a button.