5 Reasons Why Economical Pricing Can Make Or Break Your Reseller Hosting Business


When you launch your web hosting reseller business, you purchase hosting resources from a parent company and create and sell hosting packages to your clients. Once you identify the target market and what it needs from the web hosting service, you can design packages to suit their needs. Also, most hosting companies offer a white-label feature that allows you to create a brand and sell hosting packages under your brand name. With minimal investment and basic technical knowledge requirements, starting a web hosting reseller business is easy and hassle-free. 

However, to make a mark in the competitive web hosting industry, pricing the hosting packages right is essential. Today, we will offer five reasons why economical pricing is essential to your Reseller Hosting business.

1. The web hosting industry is highly competitive

In recent years, an increasing number of businesses have been trying to establish an online presence and launching a website as the first step. This has led to an increase in the demand for quality web hosting services. While web hosting companies have been trying to live up to the increase in demand, Hosting Resellers and affiliates have also made a mark in the market. With a range of options available, site owners look for hosting plans that are cost-efficient while fulfilling their hosting requirements. Hence, over-pricing or under-pricing can break your business.

2. Under-pricing can drive you out of business

It is important to note that we spoke about cost-efficient hosting packages and not the cheapest ones. Many resellers commit the mistake of trying to offer the cheapest Hosting Reseller plans and get a high number of clients. This can be a counterproductive move since more clients mean more pressure on the support team and a negative impact on your business.

3. Over-pricing can keep good clients away

On the other end of the spectrum, some resellers try to price their plans a little costly to filter out clients that are likely to default or shut business. However, in today’s times, with most site owners having an option to compare plans before buying, over-pricing can damage your brand’s reputation in no time.

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4. Site owners expect customized plans from resellers and are willing to pay the right amount

Most site owners prefer a Hosting Reseller for customized plans and personalized services. Since a reseller has fewer clients than a hosting company, hosting packages can be customized to suit the requirements of a specific market segment. Also, fewer clients mean better support expectations. If you can offer these features, then clients will be willing to pay the right amount for the best Reseller Hosting plans.

5. Reviews matter

In today’s times, reviews from existing clients can make or break a brand in no time. Most people assess the quality of services vis-à-vis the price charged for the hosting package. An economical approach ensures that your existing clients have expectations that are not sky-high or rock bottom. Hence, your reviews might speak of the cost-efficiency of your packages making your business popular and attracting similar clients to you.

Summing Up


Web hosting is a recurring cost to site owners. While they try to keep it to the minimum, they also understand that poor hosting services can impact the performance of their websites and eventually lead to a loss in revenue. Hence, they look for Hosting Reseller plans that are economical and high-quality. Hence, as a Hosting Reseller, creating cost-efficient packages can ensure a sustainable and profitable web hosting reseller business model.

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