5 Reasons Why Experts Say Moving Houses is the Most Stressful Thing to Happen to You!


Life and stress are too intertwined. Even if we try, we can’t untangle the two. But yes, sometimes it ebbs and flows. One such time when you face terrible stress is when you are moving houses. Experts say that moving houses can be the third most stressful thing in anyone’s life (followed closely by the death of a loved one and a divorce). And most of us totally agree with this fact. So, what are those factors which actually make moving houses such a stressful task?

 Top Reasons That Make Moving Houses So Stressful!

We understand the amount of hypertension you feel when you are changing your residence. It doesn’t matter if you occupied it for a few months or years, going away from it is still stressful. And we have listed the answers to all those whys below:

  •  The stress of finding a good buyer and selling the place — If it’s your own property, then obviously you have to sell it before you move out. And believe us, nothing can be as challenging and stressful as getting a buyer who pays according to your demands without any debate and bargain! And in case it’s the rented place, you’ll still have to deal with the landlord and settle the matters with him before you leave.

  • The immense paperwork — You know someone’s moving houses when they enter and exit a lawyer’s office with a huge briefcase full of papers and a deep frown on their forehead. Yes, from making that legal contract to signing it along with your buyer, dealing with the move-out contract of the rental place with your landlord to signing those consent letters, everything can be stressful and have to be done before you move out of your house.

  • The stress of packing the entire place — After all that legal procedures, the main stressful task remains. It’s packing the entire household in cartons and boxes. Yes, the hard work is terrible and the tension to put all the things safely in their respective boxes is immense. Well, to ease your stress, there are furniture removalists in Brisbane, Happy Removals can help you with this difficult task by packing each and everything in your home very carefully and help you in the entire process of moving.

  • The stress of parting from your home — It’s natural to get attached to your home regardless of the time you spent in it. The walls here become the canvases of your memories and that is why they are always so special. It’s natural to feel very low when you are parting from this, and this often increases your stress level as well.

  • The moving day stress — No matter how much you prepare, you know the tension and panic that builds up when you are moving! And no matter if your removalists in Brisbane help you with all the packing, moving, and transporting, you still can’t control this feeling when everything has to be done rapidly.


So, aren’t all these situations that we just listed for you totally relatable? We know you went through the same phase when you were moving your house. But as you know, it never helps to feel stressed and tense. Try to be as calm as you can, rely on your removalists, and get ready for the big change of your life with a huge smile.