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5 Reasons Why Gold Never Loses Sheen

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Christmas fun, frolic and frivolity are complemented further with the gold and silver sheen. And if 'sheen' is the buzzword, a quick insight on how to make choicest decisions while marketing for gold in the festive season needs a recap. But foremost, what accounts for gold never losing its sheen for as many years is that we as a species like to invest in it all the time. Here are some highlights of investing in gold.

The Valency of Gold determines that the Metal Is Precious

Most metals when exposed to the atmosphere tend to form its oxide, therefore losing sheen. Gold is the only metal that does not lose its shine even when exposed to air.  The electron valency present in it does not allow the metal to react with oxygen in air. This is one of the scientific reasons for gold to never tarnish, it does not rust. Gold virtually lasts forever with its shine intact, its hallmark, which is why it is considered the most precious of all metals; decorating all events and festivals. Since there is no oxidation, the metal does not corrugate and amalgamates very well with other metals and nonmetals to become hard.  People celebrate the occasion by purchasing this metal more than anything else.

Gold Prices Move Southwards When Dollar Moves North

Gold and Dollar are inversely proportional.  When the economy shows inflation, gold appreciates. If money loses value, investors automatically shift focus -- from market economy to asset accusation. The investors shift focus shuffling money for positioning it in investments for hard assets, where gold tops the chart. The metal has traditionally maintained its value even today as was earlier.  When the market dips, it's the gold value that determines fluctuations. And gold benefits if the market indicates a decline in the rate of $US currency since it is the US dollar denomination that determines gold rate globally thereby, lending gold a characteristic of being inversely proportional. If the recession is deeper, gold prices are high. It moves up with every recession and nobody can deny gold has a higher buying power in such circumstances, therefore the gold rush. People, therefore, buy gold to protect the value of their money, such is its glorified legacy.

Gold Never Loses Sheen As It Is Recession Proof

The investments are more in this category because gold remains recession-proof. Why? Because securities, that are believed to be recession-proof, have negative beta value. This decides the stock's unpredictability concerning market, and also indicates an inverse relationship to the higher market value. Traditionally, it is believed that gold stocks are recession-proof on account of the negative value of gold. When dollar moves northwards, it is most normal for gold prices to move south as dollar rates are hugely responsible for the price moves. And this relationship works both ways never allowing gold to lose its sheen.


History is replete with instances that Gold never loses its value. It is still useful to own gold at times of market stress. The global financial crisis that lasted two decades is a legit proof; from 1980 - 2000 when the price of bullion dropped largely and in 2008-2009 financial melt-down, which had similar trends, the securities had no buyback market. However, gold never dried up. It always had ready buyers. The projection of a good economy is reflected well when stocks are booming and investors do not feel the stress and people are happy trading bonds. Gold prices unpredictability at times, is one of the biggest attractions for investors, just like bond investments, the price of gold changes on a weekly or daily basis subjective to market fluctuation. But the price movement does not relate to the changes in the value of stocks or bonds. When share prices drop, gold moves up down or remains unchanged. And for investors, risk and volatility are the same; lower volatility means lesser risk.

Gold's Credibility Remains Unchallenged

If Gold's credibility remains unchallenged, and if such is the prowess of gold, then marking the season buying Gold for posterity is simply the best investment. However, there are a few important points that must be considered. And those are:

Cost per gram:The price of Gold is determined based on per gram. The prices are marked on every 10 grams or 10 ounces. Also, the rate of gold is determined by the outlet from where it is purchased. The metal decides the purity of the product. Therefore, it is imperative before zeroing in on buying gold from any resource to be aware of, from where has been the goldprocured; it is of the utmost consequence as purchase of the product depends on the carat and class. The gold's carat determines the sheen of the metal. It is only 24 Carat gold that has best purity. The carat also determines the design because pure gold can never shape easily. For moulding it into designs, it needs as much as 18 carat or less than 18 carat for giving it a definite shape embellished with precious stones.  

Level of purity: Research the gold you wish to purchase resting your decision on purity. Gold is determined by its purity. It is only 24 Carat gold that has 100% purity. Its malleability allows it to mix it with other alloys and beat it to shape. For instance, an eighteen-carat gold product would have 6% of the mixed alloy used to reshape it, attributing it to be a 75% gold content. The gold percentage of the product decides the rate of your buy.  

Genuine certification: The ingenuity of a gold product lies in its certification. The Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) certifies the product with a Hallmark in India; similarly, it is followed in other countries too. Any Gold product holds credibility only if it is stamped as Hallmark. Hallmark determines the pricing too.

Other charges: The other charges account for the making charges. It is the labour required to finish a design. If the design is unique, traditional or cumbersome, the charges will certainly be more despite having less purity in carat. Every perfect gold design is complete only with assignment help that a goldsmith extends. This finishing also determines the price of the gold product that you buy. The labour charges made based on 10 grams, or 10 ounces, depends on the weight of the product. The more intricate the design, lesser the purity of gold in it yet can have more expensive price. On the contrary, a 10-gram simple machine-made gold design would fetch better value at all times.

Check the buyback scheme before purchase: Any gold purchase has a buy-back scheme.  It is this scheme that decides the validity of the product, how much value it holds depending on the purity of the product. The buyback scheme in gold gives stability to the product making it easy for converting it into currency as and when the need may be. However, the buyback scheme is never accompanied by a complete exchange of the amount paid. The deduction rate on the buyback is based on the labour charges used in finishing the product and the weight of other stones or metals used to embellish the design. Only after deducting these charges, the weight of gold is determined and payment made based on the rate of gold on that day while exchanging. However, this is not applicable in some cases; some outlets buy back their gold completely with nominal deduction charges.          

Seek complete Transparency in the Bill: Only an authentic bill can authenticate the product. Any gold purchase made on a non-descriptive bill mars the prospect of a buyback. A genuine Gold buy accompanies a genuinely transparent invoice that has with it the description of the product defined in weight and rate. A bill that has discrepancy cannot be entertained and there are no chances of being heard by other authorities in case of fraud later.

Summing Up: With the listings in detail on what makes gold never loses its sheen, it is that time of the year when you easily adhere to some of the guidelines provided here and continue to fulfill the festivity, marking the beginning or end of it with your gold purchase. So what are you waiting for, look for the nearest outlet?

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