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5 Reasons why is Android App better than iPhone App

Nowadays, everyone carries a smartphone in their pocket and over 80% of the population uses android phones. According to the statistics, there are more than 2 billion active Android users on the entire globe. iPhone and Android users make up altogether 98 percent of the mobile market share.  It is estimated that by the year 2022, android users will take over 98% of the mobile market shares. Android phones are the most bought phones as they are economical and have many different varieties.

What is an android app?

Android applications are those software applications that run on the android platform. The android applications market is very vast and they are easy to use. Android app market contains an app that is free and priced. There is a wide range of android apps that are catered by any third-party suppliers and sometimes the use of them ends up being a part of a scam.

Developing an android app is more complicated than developing an iOS working application. As developers need to download an android software development kit (SDK) for creating android applications from any android website. It is a very large platform serving more than 2.5 billion active users.

What is an iPhone app?

An iPhone application is a software application that runs on an iOS-powered iPhone device. iPhone apps are limited and cannot be used in any other smartphone except for Apple’s iPhones, iPads, or tablets. iPhone applications can only be installed on Apple machines from the Apple app store. They are specially designed for Apple’s mobile operating systems.

Developing an iPhone app is easier than developing an android app as android applications are coded in Java and Apple has its software named Swift. The iOS apps are built with easy and less coding by using the Swift software. Apple’s iOS is a secured walled garden that helps you protect your data. 

5 Reasons why android apps are better

Many people use android smartphones due to the features it offers and its cost. The cost of the iPhone X is equivalent to 2 good android smartphones or even more if you wish to have fewer features. People across Asia prefer using android more than Apple as Apple maps do not work accurately. There are many reasons to choose android apps over the iPhone apps but mainly these are the top 5 reasons to choose android apps:

  • They have the most market share.
  • It has a lot more flexibility and functionality.
  • Good rates.
  • Difference of charging ports
  • More login security options
  • They have the most market share

Android applications are the most used apps by the public. They share the most percent of global users as android phones can be easily bought at economical rates. More than 72% of the world’s population are android users. This shows that sooner in the coming 2-3 years android updates will take on other operating systems i.e. iOS and Samsung.

The world had been moving at a pace to increase the speed of advancement. With those advancements, android phones offer more combinations of features than Apple’s iPhone.

  • It has a lot more flexibility and functionality

When we talk about how android is better than iPhone, we get to know that android has a lot more flexibility and functionality than iOS operating cellphones. They allow you to choose according to your needs. One can buy or free download android apps from anywhere apart from the Google play store. As Google enhances the android systems, it is estimated that android supports Artificial Intelligence systems better than any other operating system.

  • Good rates

Android apps and phones are way cheaper than iPhone models. As android versions have multiple varieties, it tends to take over the market by providing every working class a phone according to their needs. Countries like China, Japan, and South Korea are working on producing economical rates cellphone for the public around the world to take over the iOS market.

These Asian countries had worked hard to take over the world’s cellphone industry. Companies like Huawei, Infinix, Oppo, etc. had earned a lot by introducing top-quality phones taking most of the mobile market across Asia.

  • Difference of Charging Port

Nowadays, Android phones are carrying a type-C charging port that has the strength to be charged from high voltage currents to low. It increases the speed of charging as the Type-C charging ports are fast wired charging equipment. Many writers who provide custom assignment writing service across the globe has also submitted many assignments regarding the niche of android phones and applications. This had helped many writers like me to create good custom posts to grow traffic on your site.

  • More login security options

Android applications and cellphones provide many security authentication options that are not given in iOS operating phones. For example, iPhones that came before iPhone X do not have any facial recognition or retina recognition features. iPhones had always been limited and are way too expensive with memory storage issues. Whereas, an SD card option in android phones helps in downloading as many as applications one wishes to. 

3 Benefits of buying an Android phone

There are many benefits of having an android phone over an iPhone. There are many writers that offer services where they look for people who will do my assignment for writing and research purposes. The following are the 3 main benefits of buying an android phone:

  1. Android phones have better hardware.
  2. They are economical with extra salient features.
  3. It provides you more freedom of choice on selecting the variants of android phones.

The following benefits are quoted by the top experts that had been developing and writing about android phones and their features. So, buying an android phone is better than buying an iPhone as it does not carry many features like an android allows its users to have.

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