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5 Reasons Why Water Filters Are Essential for a Healthy Lifestyle

From doctors to scientists to spiritual leaders, everyone agrees that water is the essence of human life. Every health professional and dietician emphasizes including enough water intake in your health regime for desired results. This clearly explains the importance of water in our lives. For that reason, many experts and health enthusiasts recommend Caravan Water Filters - Aqua Plus Filtration as a mandatory addition for healthy living.


It is universally accepted that you should drink plenty of water, all the time, throughout the day. It can do wonders to your health can keep you active and young even in the later years of your life. However, if the quality of water you drink is inferior, it can nullify all your efforts of nourishment's and stay healthy. Below are some compelling reasons to include a water purifier in your healthy lifestyle and draw the maximum benefits of your health regime.

    Prevention from water-borne diseases

In the present day and age, humans are challenged with a vast variety of diseases and ailments that also vary in terms of severity. Many of these diseases are caused by contaminated food and water that you might ingest. Stomach issues, low immunity, and diseases like cholera and typhoid have become more common than ever. Even the water coming directly to your tap from the filter plants cannot be completely trusted when it comes to health. Water purifiers at home ensure that you drink completely purified and safe water that proliferates your health.

    Minimizing chlorine content

Most filter plants that supply water to your homes use chlorine, spongy and stingy stuff, as a disinfectant for water. It adds a little whiff and makes the water taste slightly bitter. Although it purifies the water, it is not ideal for you. Also, no one recommends having chemicals in your drinking water that you ingest in large quantities regularly. Many people complain of constant or frequent stomach aches and other digestion issues after drinking chlorinated water. Water filters, on the other hand, use a simple carbon filtration method that can remove as much as 99% of chlorine from the water.

    Removing impurities due to dirty pipes

Many would argue that the water that comes from the treatment plants is pure and free from dirt. While it is true, you cannot deny the dirt it might catch while traveling through the pipes. These supply pipes are installed once and are used for many years. They accumulate dirt and germs and get rusted over time. Also, damage at one point in the pipeline makes the whole line dirty. Often in such cases, the pipeline is only repaired and not cleaned. This can significantly contaminate your water which must be treated with a filter at home.

    Prevention from germs and bacterial

Although water treatment plants process the water and make it potable. However, as the water passes through pipelines, it is very likely to get infected. Modern water filters and purifiers are also fitted with advanced mechanisms such as ultraviolet purification. These mechanisms effectively kill and remove the germs and bacteria that might be present in the tap water. This makes the water 100% pure and reduces the chance of you contracting water-borne diseases.

    Maintaining essential minerals

Water is rich in essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium that boost your immunity and overall health. Water treatment methods such as boiling can purify it but often also destroys these essential minerals during the purification process. However, advanced water filters used at homes are smart enough to filter dissolved impurities and kill harmful bacteria while maintaining the healthy content of the water intact. This allows you to get the maximum benefit of water that you drink.

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