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5 Reasons Why WHMCS Plays A Crucial Part In Managing A Reseller Hosting Business

5 Reasons Why WHMCS Plays A Crucial Part In Managing A Reseller Hosting Business 1430a078

Reseller Hosting has made it easier to start a web hosting company. A Hosting Reseller purchases a Reseller Hosting plan from a parent web hosting company, creates customised packages and sells them to its clients. The web hosting industry is highly competitive with several hosting companies, resellers, and affiliates trying to attract site owners and sell their services. To run an efficient web hosting company as a Hosting Reseller, you need several tools that can help you manage your business better. One such tool is the Web Host Manager Complete Solution or WHMCS. Most successful Web Hosting Resellers recommend this tool to help establish a web hosting business and stay at the top of the game. 

Today, we will look at five reasons why WHMCS plays a crucial role in managing a Reseller Web Hosting business.

1. Makes package building simple

One of the primary benefits of WHMCS is that it makes the process of creating WHM packages simple and hassle-free. This saves a lot of time and effort since you don’t have to create all aspects of a cPanel account yourself. It also ensures that you create customised hosting packages without forgetting to include any resources. Overall, WHMCS helps you with all aspects of creating a package to offer to your clients.

2. Automates billing-related processes

As a Hosting Reseller, managing billing-related processes can be time-consuming, and missing out on any part can cost you revenue. There are various processes associated with billing like the creation of invoices, collecting payments, offering support for various currencies if your clients are spread around the globe, offering discounts to keep prospective clients interested, sending reminders for due payments, etc. With WHMCS, you can automate all these processes and establish your hosting business.

3. Helps your clients manage their accounts

If you can create a process where your clients can opt for self-service as opposed to contacting you for every small thing, then you will have more time on hand to attend to other important aspects of the business. Also, your clients will be happier as they will feel more in control of their accounts. With WHMCS, your clients can manage their accounts easily, manage their bills, requests, and queries from a single interface.

4. Simplifies domain management

WHMCS is a great tool for Hosting Resellers as it helps them sell domains with ease. It offers a dashboard for your clients to help them manage their domains in a hassle-free manner. The features associated with the management of domains offered by WHMCS include real-time polling of WHOIS services to check domain availability, ability to protect the privacy of your clients, automatic renewal of the domain, single view of all the DNS records linked to the domain, etc.

5. Offers customisable templates

No two Reseller Hosting businesses are the same. WHMCS recognises and offers customisable templates making the addition and amendment of contacts easy. Further, you can opt for a high level of customisation using CSS to suit your needs.

Summing Up

As you can see, WHMCS offers several benefits to resellers and their clients. While it is a premium tool (charged), many hosting companies offer it as a part of the Reseller Hosting plan at no additional cost. Before you buy a Reseller Hosting account in India, ensure that you check with the host about the inclusion of WHMCS in the package. Remember, the success of your Reseller Hosting business relies heavily on the kind of tools you use. Choose wisely. Good Luck!

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