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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Electric Fireplaces

Fireplaces have been one of the most important parts of houses and there are some valid reasons behind this. You can gain a lot of benefits by setting a fireplace in your room. The concept of the fireplace has changed over the years and clean energy like electricity has gained immense popularity nowadays.


If you have a traditional fireplace in your house you must be aware of the difficulties associated with it. Homeowners are now leaning towards electric fireplaces like modern flames and in this article, 

We will discuss the reasons why you should opt for electric fireplaces to keep rooms warm in winter:

1. It Uses Clean Energy

Electric fireplaces do not require external resources to burn, as they use clean energy to generate heat and keep the room warm even in harsh winter. Since no fossil fuel is burning here, it will not cause any pollution. The rate of carbon emission from an electric fireplace is almost zero. This is good for both environment and for your pocket too.


Unlike gas or wood-based fireplaces, electric fireplaces can generate heat within a few seconds. This means you will not have to wait for your comfort. Hence, if you are a responsible person, using clean energy to keep rooms warm can be a great thing for you. 

2. It is Safe  

One of the best things about electric fireplaces like modern flames are that they do not generate direct flames. This means, there will be no fear of having injuries. Also, you will not get any heat off the appliances. The fan and the element are protected by a metal grill for added safety measures.


You can also get electric fireplaces with attractive designs. They add a good aesthetic appeal to your room. Reputable electric fireplace makers always focus on the safety-related issue and include a number of safety features to keep their products safe for children, pets, and adults.

3. Low Maintenance and Energy Costs 

If you have a traditional fireplace in your house you can imagine the hassle of cleaning and preparing it for reuse. Electric fireplaces like modern flames work differently and you do not have to clean them frequently. You can use a cloth to simply remove the dust and clean the enclosure.


Unlike the heating system that causes high energy bill in winter, electric fireplaces consume less energy. Such systems can be included in both large and small rooms. They are available in different sizes and shapes and you can purchase one according to your needs. 

4. 100% Efficient

Unlike gas-based fireplaces, electric fireplaces like modern flames are 100% efficient in terms of energy consumption. Remember, not all fuels are 100% efficient in terms of energy production. Modern-day gas fires are nearly 75%-85% efficient. This means you are losing some energy in the burning process.


Like gas, wood-burning fireplaces lost almost the same amount of energy. In electric fireplaces, you will get two heat output options (1KW and 2KW). You can choose any model according to your room size. Since electric fireplaces are 100% efficient, you can save on your energy consumption.


5. Easy to Place


You can install an electric fireplace like modern flames anywhere. You just need an electric plug point to run the fireplace. You might have seen the gas and wood-based fireplaces feature a chimney to let the smoke out of the room.


For an electric fireplace, there is no need to penetrate your wall or roof to install a chimney. You can place an electric fireplace anywhere you want. They look stylish and are available in various sizes, shapes and designs.


These are some of the key reasons why you have to prefer electric fireplaces over traditional fireplaces in your home or offices. They are safe, energy-efficient and easy to maintain and fireplaces like modern flames can be a great choice for the modern-day interior.

Zoe Sewell
Zoe Sewell
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