5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Russian Brides


At all times, Russian women were considered the most beautiful and charming ones. They used to become queens, duchesses, and wives of the Sultans. Great musicians, talented artists, and famous writers highly appreciated the beauty of Russian women. When Russia opened all borders in the early 90s, the boom in Russian brides reached its peak. Foreigners used to visit this country or find Russian brides for sale on dating websites to marry one of them.

In Russia, most girls strive for getting married before they turn the age of 30 years. Despite marriage and domestic chores, they prefer to work and continue their education. Over the past decade, every fifth bride from Russia has married a foreigner. Even nowadays, Russian girls do not mind marrying foreigners and going abroad with overseas princes. Although they face many risks and differences in mentality, much fewer marriages with foreigners end for them in comparison with compatriots. Most international families are strong and united enough for many years.

Many Western men prefer blondes. Foreign single men want to meet such fair-haired, blue-eyed, and slender women from Russia. However, Russian women are not only good-looking. Most Russian girls have gorgeous body shapes. They are gentle, delicate, and feminine. At the same time, they have excellent cooking skills and love homeliness. They say that the path to a man’s heart lies through his stomach. Russian brides always remember this and willingly demonstrate their female strengths.

The life success of European or American ladies sets an example for Russian women. But why then do foreigners prefer to marry just Russian girls? The point is that Western women have massively plunged into the struggle for their rights and mired in feminism. They do not need flowers and perfumes, kind words are equal to insult for them, and courting them has become a waste of time for single men. Unlike Russians, Western girls do not dream of marriage as the most cherished event in their lives. So, let’s see in this small Russian brides review why foreign men like women from Russia.


Russian Women Are Amazingly Beautiful

Hot Russian brides are proud of their appearance, and rightly so. They not only possess natural beauty, but they also take their appearance very seriously. Of course, they were lucky with the genes, but they nevertheless spend a lot of time and money on cosmetics and various procedures in beauty salons. They will never leave the house until they tidy themselves up. By principle, they may not apply make-up, but they still do it to feel more confident.


Any Russian woman is conditioned to please her husband. She is always well-groomed and combed in the morning, and she gets out elegantly dressed even for shopping. Russian women know how to dress tastefully. Even in winter, they wear miniskirts, high heels, and pantyhose. Many Russian beauties go to work as Americans go to parties. Young girls always take care of themselves. They practice various sports and exercise regularly to keep fit. They tend to neglect fast food and walk a lot.

They Are Committed to Family Values

Family is their primary value in the system of vital coordinates of all Russian women. Even though young women in Russia study, work, and build a career, their husbands and children are always a priority. Patriarchal traditions are still strong in Russian society though. Even mothers with several children can find their soulmates abroad. So children are a life value for women from Russia. If a woman has children, it is considered a confirmation of her serious attitude to future marriage and the absence of adventurism.

A Russian wife prefers to do everything at home by her own means. She is going to hire a domestic servant only in extreme cases. She is keeping her house from the presence of any strange woman. Home coziness and warmth are not only good furniture and a comfortable apartment for her. She is always ready to carefully think over all details of home design and implement it in practice with taste and love.

They Are Sensitive and Romantic

Young Russian brides know how to admire the presented flowers and enjoy compliments. Russian girls always expect that a man will treat them like a lady and act like a gentleman. Expectations of expensive gifts are generally atypical for them. Most likely, this is because these women do not like to feel obligated. When the weather is bad outside, they prefer to drink a cup of tea with homemade cookies and look at the beautiful wife dressed in a colorful gown. It is impossible not to fall in love with such a woman because she is always like a holiday.

They Are Smart and Well Educated

Contemporary Russian Federation can boast an incredibly high level of female education. According to some research, about 40% of Russian women have higher education, and the number of women with master's degrees is even more than men in some branches of science. Russian women are intelligent and well-mannered. After all, this nation invented space travelling and brought great writers and poets to the world. A Russian girl knows how to think, act, and live independently. She will continue to study, seek better employment, and work hard to support herself completely.

They Become Faithful Wives

Russian women are very faithful, and if you fall in love with one of them, she will reciprocate and stay with you for good. The Russian woman always tries to maintain any stable relationships, even destructive ones for her, just to avoid a divorce. However, it is better not to abuse her tolerance. If she decides to leave, she will quit forever. If you are lucky to win the heart of a Russian girl, you have to love her family as well. Russian families are typically very strong and united.

So, international marriages are always a decent choice. But do not forget that the life partner can have a different culture, customs, and even religion. Typically, Russian women quickly adapt to new living conditions. The main point for such a woman is that her chosen one loves her, treats her attentively, and respects her. If both a woman and a man are ready for a serious relationship and work on it, they will undoubtedly be happy with each other.