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5 Reasons Your Business Should Use PVC Security Cards

Is your organization introducing a security card system? Companies bringing ID cards into their offices are enhancing the security of their premises and the safety of their staff. From theft prevention to health and safety protocols, ID cards fill an important role in today’s workplace.

When you’re looking for an ID card system, PVC is the best material you can use. PVC is a type of plastic that’s both economical and extremely durable. It’s also one of the most common materials for ID cards, but why are PVC cards used for security so widely?

#1 Durability

PVC is a uniquely durable material available at a relatively low cost. The material is highly resistant to oxidation, so it’s extremely slow to deteriorate. That’s why it’s widely used in underground pipes. Using PVC ID cards, you won’t have to worry about the cards themselves deteriorating.

#2 Professionalism

When you use PVC, you’ll find that it’s easy to print the text, graphics, and photographs you need. With the right cards and printer, you can even include holographic imprints or watermarks for enhanced security. They print without smudging or bleeding, and you can print them on-site in no time. They create a great first impression on visitors who are handed a card when they arrive at the office.

#3 Barriers to Reproduction

You want to make sure that it’s difficult for unauthorized individuals to reproduce your cards. Standard inkjet and laser printers cannot be used on PVC – they need a PVC card printer, adding one more obstacle to potential security breaches. It would not be easy for someone to reproduce your PVC ID cards.

If you’re using PVC proximity cards, you have less to worry about if an employee loses their card. Whereas a key can always be used to open a door unless you change all the locks, when an employee reports their PVC ID card lost, you can just cancel it.

#4 You Can Print PVC Cards in House

You don’t need to rely on an ID card printing service for all of your access and security needs. You can easily set up an ID card printer on-premise that allows you to print high-quality PVC ID cards as needed. You can even program HID proximity cards and print them off as needed at your own office, allowing you to create a robust security system when you need to restrict areas of the workplace.

#5 Convenient and Secure Access

Proximity cards are essential for any location that requires different levels of access to different facilities. Proximity cards are access control smart cards that provide physical access control to rooms or computer systems.

All staff have to do is tap or swipe a proximity card reader to gain access. They’re used in everything from parking garages to casinos to healthcare facilities.

PVC ID cards are durable and look professional. You can customize your ID card printing system to include proximity cards or magnetic stripes. They’re a flexible and economical security solution.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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