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5 Reasons Your Car May Be Overheating

Car overheating is a common problem. An engine that is overheating is something that you should not ignore. It might be the consequence of a serious underlying car problem that you had been ignoring for a long time. 

Car overheating can cause inconvenience. You may be in a hurry and heading towards your destination, but sudden overheating on the way can make you stop. 

If you are in a car that is overheating, you must pull over and turn it off. It can be very dangerous if you keep on driving like this. The best action is to call a roadside assistance service for immediate and safe help. 

Car overheating can be because of many reasons. You must check them before hitting the road. Here, this article mentions some common causes of car overheating.


Problem with Water Pump


The water pump's function is to supply the coolant to the motor, radiator, and hoses, thus maintaining an optimum amount of temperature. It is one of the most important parts of the cooling system in your car’s engine. 


When the flow of coolant goes out of control, it can cause problems such as car overheating. Some modern water pumps have plastic impellers that can break. This causes pump failure. Always check if your water pump is working fine if you experience engine overheating. 


Malfunctioning Thermostat


The thermostat is the one that regulates the flow of coolant in the engine. It blocks the flow of coolant to the engine until it is warm enough. When the engine becomes warm, the valve opens up, allowing the flow of coolant. A malfunctioned thermostat is one of the most common reasons for car overheating.  


A broken or faulty thermostat won’t allow the coolant to pass through the engine parts. In such cases, the valve won’t open, blocking the flow of coolant.


Problems with The Radiator


The radiator cools down the coolant as it passes through it and is important to maintain the engine's temperature. Any problem with the radiator won’t cool down the coolant.


The problem with the radiator can be because its fan blades are broken or are disconnected. Or maybe because the radiator is old and has ceased to function well. When you notice your car is overheating, there might be a problem with your radiator. 


Allow your car to cool down a little before opening its lid. Some people use only water as a coolant to cool down the engine. However, it is recommended to use a mixture of coolant and water because coolant absorbs more heat than water. It also cools down faster, thus cooling the engine much quicker than water. 


Faulty Cooling Fan


The engine can become hot more than needed. The cooling fan regulates the flow of heat in the engine and avoids overheating. When there is a problem with the cooling fan or its motor, it doesn’t blow away the hot air. This can significantly increase the temperature inside and overheat your car. 


The faulty cooling fan can be because of its defective motor or fan blades. A poorly designed fan can also cause vibrations.


Problem With The Hose


Hoses handle the flow of coolant. They absorb hot air from the engine and give out cold air. However, these hoses can sometimes become clogged with dust and debris, limiting the coolant flow and heating the engine. 


What to Do?

Your car deserves top-notch care at such times. It is dangerous to deal with your overheated car yourself. Therefore, you must call a professional roadside recovery company like Ontario Towing Service to come and help you with the matter. They provide on-the-spot maintenance services.

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