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5 Reasons Your Family Should Have A Dog

Having a pet can enrich your family's life so much. Not only do you have someone who loves unconditionally, you have a new member of the family who can be cherished by everyone. Perhaps you've just lost a previous dog and you're looking for a reason to get another one. Or maybe you have toyed with the idea, but still aren't sure. If this sounds like your situation, check out these 5 reasons why you should have a dog in your family.

1. You Can Save A Life

If you want a very good reason to adopt a dog, know that doing so can save a life. There are shelters and rescues all across the country that have adoptable dogs of all ages. Some are specific to a certain breed while others are open to animals of all kinds. When you adopt from a shelter or rescue, you actually save two lives: the animal you are adopting and you are making space for a new one to be taken in.

2. Pets Can Encourage Family Bonding

If everyone is on board, having a pet is a great way to bond as a family. You and your children can enjoy new activities together with your dog, such as long hikes or playing ball. Dogs can act as a bridge between family members and make it easier for everyone to come together if you are all involved in doing something fun. Not only that, but you can make special memories with both your family and your pet, such as going camping and taking Fido with you.

3. Your Dog Will Love You Always

One quality of dogs that brings many people to them is the fact that they always love no matter what. If you feel lonely or misunderstood, your dog doesn't care what others think of you: they'll always love you no matter what. All they ask for is shelter, good food like Dr. Marty Nature's Blend, and all your love in return. If you've felt alone or at odds once too many times in life, a dog can provide the medicine you're looking for.

4. There's A Dog Out There For Every Family

Is your family looking for a dog that is super active, likes to be outdoors all the time, and needs a job? Or maybe you'd rather have a couch potato who likes to cuddle up while you watch a movie? For every type of family, there is a dog out there who can meet their needs. Take some time to do research on different dog breeds to ensure you are making the right choice. If you are interested in a mixed breed, try to learn more about the animal and its personality, if possible, so you can feel confident you are bringing in a pet that would mesh with your family.

5. Your Children Can Learn More About Life

Let's be clear: as adults, we should always assume responsibility for taking care of the dog no matter what, although you can ask your children to help. Having a pet can teach your children more about themselves, how to relate to animals and others, and even death. Above all, being a pet owner can enrich their lives and help your children gain a better understanding of who they are, all thanks to the love of a special dog.


There are many good reasons to bring a dog into your family. You can all bond as a family unit more while teaching your children about life and caring for others. Your dog will always love you, as long as you take care of him or her. There's a dog out there for everyone, with the right breed and temperament for each family. Finally, adopting a dog allows you to save a life and give hope to an animal who is awaiting its forever family. If you are ready to open your heart, sit down as a family and discuss this option so you are all on board before getting a dog of your own.

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