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5 Reasons Your Pet Sitting Business Should Be In The Cloud

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Love your pet sitting job? Want to brush up your productivity and grow your business while spending your time with the furry buddies? Then it’s the right time to consider cloud software to boost up your business. Running a pet sitting business all by lonesome with papers everywhere, and calls coming in with requests, scheduling changes, updating pets info, and last minute reassurance calls from your clients leave no downtime for your life. How long will you take the constant pressure on your head whenever your phone rings or whenever you gotta a long list of calls to answer back? You need to have systems!

Automate your pet sitting business, even if it’s small, do not let your phone calls or back and forth email thread beat the energy out of you. Not only big corporate companies or huge businesses with a greater payroll are meant to use cloud software, even a small business like pet sitting or dog walking could get the benefits out of it, sometimes free of cost!

No more email clutter-

 We live in a digital age! People want to book their needs now and online, not wait for a callback or an email reply. Erase the clutter off your bag, go paperless, find your client or pet information right from any of your smart devices, a laptop, tablet, or the handy smartphones you carry around all the time! Once your client books a service with you, the cloud comes to the rescue, saving all their information securely and accurately. Giving you and your client the ease in canceling or rescheduling or recurring any kind of services with a single go!

More cash inflow and bookings-

 You’re available even when you are busy working for other clients or closed! Your clients can book your services while sipping their coffee or rushing to work within a couple of clicks. As the management is available over the internet you client can access it from anywhere, any time with the calendar view booking page. Using a cloud-based, managed service is much more cost-effective than buying a software package and hiring a staff to maintain it. Running and maintaining your own servers can run into the hundreds of thousands over time. By utilizing a managed cloud service, you do not have to be weighed down by upfront expenses that prevent you from growing your core business, pet care. Cloud software is high-end and can provide your business success with the same technology that well funded, global businesses use.

No installation charges or extra efforts-

 The cloud software is easily accessible once you are connected with a reliable internet source. You don’t need to install any particular software and get confined to that device itself instead you can log into your account anytime from any of your devices. Moreover, there is no need to worry about using technology or put extra efforts to make it work. It is simple and user-friendly for you and your clients as well.

Expand your business

 Using a pet sitting cloud software to organize your data helps eliminate hours of number crunching and searching for files on different devices. Lost minutes and hours are frustrating and feel like money swirling down the drain. With a cloud pet sitting software, you can do the job you always wanted to do! connect with clients within no time and show what makes you the best

Track the trends-

 The web-based system tracks your trends. How many of you without these systems could tell me the percentage of dog walks or pet sits you are currently doing. And how that compares to last month or year? Keep all the records within reach and make the best of it by improving your working style and nature day by day.

As a pet sitter, you need to be able to ensure consistent, reliable care of your client’s pets while they’re away. Win your clients heart by dumping all your administrative troubles and make the experience worthy through Picktime, free web-based scheduling software for pet sitters and dog walkers! Sign up for free, now!

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