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5 Rules and regulations you must know before opting boating as your profession

Boating is a cool pastime and hobby when you want to be near water. It could be a serious profession too for those who like it. A boat can take you places and let you see a different world. Good boating practices can mean enjoyment but at the same time, knowledge of the rules will ensure safety. There are many vessels on the water and having a good understanding of how traffic works on the water will be helpful. Here are 5 common rules one must be aware of before going for boating.

1.Right of Way rules

The Right Way if Rules tells you where to go and how to stay away from others. These rules exist to minimize collisions and maintain safety. The US Coast Guard reported close to 4300 accidents related to recreational boating. Unsurprisingly, recreational boaters aren’t aware of the Right of Way, which could cause stress and confusion among other boaters. The way two boats approach each other decides the right of way. The stand-on vessel has the right of way whereas the stand-off one doesn’t. The vessel having the right of way needs to confirm the actions of a stand-off vessel. The right of way is also impacted by the type of boat you have.

2.Navigation rules

You must be aware of some of the basic navigation rules while on the water. For example, aim for the stern of the boat if you want to go behind them, so that the other boat understands it and can continue on their course. If there is a boat approaching, they are supposed to pass each left to left or head-on. Do not move too fast as it can impact the safety of the boat and people aboard. Also make sure you have a lookout on stationary vessels such as platforms, buoys and kayakers of necessary. They may move slowly but you will not know when they have come really close.

3.Anchorage rules

If you are taking your boat into an anchorage, follow other vessels on how they tie off or how much of a line is used. If everyone else is swinging to one anchor, don’t do two yourself as you could move in a certain direction when the wind or current changes. Some harbors have a speed limit which you will have t watch out for and respect. Equipment like lines and tying ropes can be found online in stores like

4.Boat launch and dock manners

If you are retrieving or launching a boat at a ramp, then do so in an efficient manner. Cut down your ramp time by getting to the dock and don’t drain or clean the boat when they are on the dock. At a fuel dick, get your fuel and then move out of the way. Don’t block other boats if you need to get something else.

5.Required equipment

Keep the boat stocked up with the essential equipment and don’t go without it. Bilge pumps, anchors, fire extinguisher, horns, boat lights and distress signals should be onboard and in proper working condition. You could check out a good store for the best bilge pump. This equipment is crucial for a safe journey.

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