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5 SaaS Marketing Pillars You Should Prioritize

More companies are adopting the SaaS business model, thanks to the scalability of the subscription-based systems. However, this has come with increased competition, which businesses can only beat by adopting the current SaaS marketing trends alongside proven tactics that have worked and are still working. 

SaaS Marketing works differently from other industries – the rules and tactics are different, but the model thrives on the sales and promotion of subscription-based products. The priority of businesses should be customer retention rather than high or quick ROI. Hence, a robust marketing strategy is required to achieve business goals.

Today’s oversaturated market makes it even harder to gain customers especially if you have a SaaS business and there is no physical product you can suggest to your potential users. That is why you will need to create a really strong software marketing strategy which will meet all your goals as a SaaS business. Not having a predefined strategy will make it harder for you to succeed

Proven B2B and SaaS Marketing Pillars You Should Prioritize

Trying to do  marketing for your SaaS business without having a strategy in place or the help of SaaS Marketing agency like Getuplead is like driving fast through heavy fog; you can do it, but it isn’t recommended!

If you want your company to outperform competitors and grow at an impressive rate, consider these seven SaaS Marketing tactics. 

1. SEO and Content Marketing

Content marketing helps to grow and generate leads. The right content will attract your target audience. When visitors find the answer to their questions on your website or a clear and detailed guide on how your service or product works, it influences their purchase decision positively. 

Content marketing becomes even more effective when paired with SEO. SEO allows you to target keywords relevant to your industry and ultimately get you to the faces of more people who may be interested in your services. 

Both on-page and off-page SEO strategies can improve your website’s SERP ranking, fetch you more referral traffic, and, most importantly, attract more leads. 

2. Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is the opposite of content marketing. It involves looking for potential customers – a method that comes in handy for SaaS and B2B businesses. It is all about identifying and nurturing potential customers using suitable advertising media. The target audience here is rather broad, which means the targeting should be accurate to avoid misses. 

What are the best advertising channels for outbound marketing? Let’s find out together. 

a. Google Ads

Google ads offer an excellent advertisement option for SaaS marketing companies. The platform is designed to target the same words your potential customers are using when searching for the kind of software solution you offer in search engines. 

PPC campaign is a robust marketing tool, although it is somewhat capital-intensive if you are focusing on multiple software-related keywords. For this reason, it might not be the best option for SaaS startups. 

Google Ads thrive on excellent and relevant messages that drive traffic and attract clients to join the nurturing process. 

b. Retargeting

Lead generation does not stop at attracting visitors to your website. It is followed by conversion, which is exactly what retargeting aims to achieve. 

Retargeting ad campaigns are designed to increase conversion by keeping your website visitors in the picture for as long as they become customers. It conditions visitors who want to leave your website without responding positively to your CTAs to take action. 

It is common to see brands adopt retargeting ads as an integral aspect of their SaaS marketing campaigns. Retargeting is a better alternative to traditional campaigns, considering that it is designed to retarget your website visitors or potential customers and nurture them into proper customers. 

Storytelling is a crucial retargeting tactic, which helps to take visitors through the sales funnel using a sequence of engaging ads that resonate with different stages of the customer journey. 

c. Native advertising

Native advertising is also a form of outbound SaaS marketing strategy. The flexibility of native ads, which allows them to adapt to the look, function, and feel of the platform on which they appear, comes in handy at this stage. Therefore, they can be easily integrated into your website.  

Unlike traditional display ads, native ads are known to drive more traffic and CTRs, turning in improved campaign results. The ads are designed to avoid the rampant ad-blockers, ensuring your message gets to the right audience. 

Native ads require precise targeting to get the desired results. Always connect with the relevant market and adopt the right targeting options. With these, you can streamline the audience to direct high-intent website traffic. 

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven method of engaging customers, both in and out of SaaS marketing. It plays a vital role in ensuring a seamless customer engagement process. For instance, cold emailing helps attract new leads while engaging new subscribers and providing updates on newly-introduced features. 

Email marketing also allows you to nurture leads using preset and scheduled message sequences. You can reach customers through their direct emails to avoid churn. However, it is important to adopt the right persona-driven email content to get the desired results.

4. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is cost-effective and influential. It is all about encouraging customers to refer your business to new potential customers. You can introduce incentives in discounts, additional free access to extra features or the product. Another way to do referral marketing is to ask long-term customers to write reviews showing how your offers have helped their businesses. 

5. Co-Marketing

If you offer a non-competing solution, you should consider co-marketing campaigns targeting the same audience as other SaaS companies. The benefits include saving costs, increasing brand awareness, access to a larger audience, and more leads.

Co-marketing is a proven way of collaborating with well-established companies – a move that will improve your brand in multiple ways. 


If you focus on the SaaS marketing pillars discussed in this guide, you are on your way to all-around success with your strategies. You do not have to go into all of them at once – you can start with a few and gradually integrate more. 

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