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5 Self-Care Tips For Your Winter Routine

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With the upcoming holidays approaching, that might mean you are going to be traveling as safe as possible, taking time off work, and really trying to enjoy the winter season. Don’t let the new additions to your schedule take away from your self-care routine. This is already a busy time of the year and when you add more to your plate, it can be easy to take other things off of it. We are here to tell you, don’t do it! Make sure you make time for your self-care during the Winter season! By doing this, you can ensure you are always putting your best foot forward, you are staying healthy, and you are being the best you this Winter!


  1. Getting Proper Sleep


If you have trouble sleeping on an everyday basis, it is probably certain that you don’t sleep well during the winter. The cold weather and earlier sunset times are sure to mess up any sort of proper sleep habits you have formed. If this sounds all too familiar, fear not, a GABA sleep aid may just be the trick to help you fall asleep and stay asleep! GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a calming neurotransmitter produced by your brain. 


  1. Keep Hydrated


It is so important to stay hydrated every day, but especially during the Winter months! It will help to flush your system of possible winter bugs, and keep you at your tip top shape. If you have a hard time drinking water, it might be good to invest in a water infuser bottle. Infusion Pro has a great bottle to help you drink more water, that can be infused with fruit! Drinking water will hydrate your dry winter skin and will contribute to your overall health!


With that said, be careful not to drink too much water near bedtime – because you don’t want to have to get up repeatedly during the night.


  1. Stay Moisturized


When looking for face lotions, it is hard to find one that is worth the money, gentle on our skin, and most importantly, gets the job done. Look no further, because Kiehl’s has the best face lotion. The ultra facial cream is suitable for all skin types, and will help you to stay moisturized even in the harshest of winter weather. It is made with Glacial Glycoproteins that are derived from sea glaciers. This helps to protect, hydrate, and help prevent water loss from your skin. It will give you a silky moisturized feel instantly!


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  1. Take Care of Your Body


If you are finding it hard to work out after a long day at work, but you want to be active in some way, yoga might be a good alternative for you. But what should you wear during this relaxation period? Calia by Carrie has some comfy choices for work out outfits that are sure to help you get your yoga done, and feel good doing it. Their breathable, moisture-wicking pieces will take you from stressed to relaxed as soon as you put them on!


And remember, even a walk or light hike counts as exercise! So, try to get in at least thirty minutes of activity each day. Your body will thank you.


  1. Eat Properly


Our diet contributes to so many of our ailments, successes, and our overall health. It is important to maintain a proper diet that will nourish our bodies and provide the nutrients we need. If you want to have high-quality food choices, but want to stay out of grocery stores, and away from take-out, a meal service is the answer for you. EveryPlate has so many options to pick from with their menu. You can pick the meals you want to cook that week and they send them straight to your door. If you are stressed about being in the kitchen, don’t worry! Their meals come in six easy steps, that will turn you into a master Chef in no time!


Final Thoughts: Finding Time for Self-Care During Winter


There are so many things that contribute to your well-being. And with the change of seasons, it is vital that we take care of ourselves the best we can! Now, get to it! Test out what self-care methods work best and start taking care of YOU!

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