5 SEO Tips Neglected By Bloggers


You blog because you like to share your expertise; you also blog because you need to drive target traffic to your site as well as ranking in the search engine results page.

You already understand the common SEO work to do with on-page factors and link building, still, there are numerous other factors that get neglected.

Granted, you'll never smash them all, but it deserves spending time on the simple ones to ensure your blog sites have a more considerable impact.

Below are 5 easy but helpful tips you must be using.

1. Eye-catching headings

How do perfect headings help your search engine rankings?


Well, more click-throughs in the search engine results page increase your ranks due to the algorithm will attach much more worth to your website.

So if you rank fairly low, still, receive a lot of clicks, your rank will increase. However, if you rank highly and you do not get click-throughs, your blog site will be considered irrelevant to that search term, and also your ranks will drop.

Thus, stunning headings increase your search engine rankings.

2. Use images to increase your search engine rankings.

Using images to link to your blog site will boost your ranks and also give some diversity to your links.

The image ALT tag informs the google search engine regarding the content of your image. While using an image to link to your article, the Alt tag works as a keyword.

The most effective method to get these link-based backlinks is to make an infographic for others to use - request for an image backlink to your original blog post.

3. Do-follow vs. no follow

You intend to get do-follow backlinks because they reveal your website is of quality as well as a trusted resource of information.

The problem is many profile websites, and also blog sites only give no follow backlinks. A high amount of these will make your website appear untrusted - bad.

Getting in links (please say you do not do that) is the quickest method to hurt your search engine rankings. In fact, focus on guest blogging for high-quality blog sites.

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4. Linking to trusted websites

Outbound links are just like relevant as inbound ones.

As a trusted and high-quality blog, you'll be expected to link to various other high-quality websites if you would like to raise the value of your blog in the eyes of the google search engine.

5. Short or long blog posts?

OK, yes you can publish an informative as well as useful high-quality article that's short, but the google like lengthy content.

But not only should your content be lengthy (but still high-quality, informative as well as interesting), you also need to focus on getting comments. This will help increase the length of the original content of each blog post.

Though none of these tips are advanced, they generally neglected. Easy and simple to perform, these tips will help you get more out of your blogging.

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Please do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any extra tips on how to get ranks from your blogging, or if you have any queries.

Author Bio:Ashis Kumar is a chief editor at We Bring Ideas and founder of Web Email Extractor. He loves to share his expertise and knowledge through blogging. He helped many businesses to boost their online presence on the internet.

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