5 Signs Your SEO Company Is Trying to Screw You


There is a continuous improvement in the profession of search engine optimization. For getting the top position in the search engine result pages for the clients some companies have done cheating and it has been exposed by the refined algorithms of Google.

For business owners that are unsuspected, the SEO scam may be run by several marketing agencies but not by each and every marketing agency. For helping a lot of trades by getting results that are real and can take the business to a higher level there are a large number of agencies in Australia and these agencies are basically marketing firms that are reputable.

You can be successful in the long term if you are getting stuff from a marketing company after doing work with it. It will help you in getting better online visibility even if your business is very small.

If you want SEO providers that are shady must be avoided then what will be your steps for this?

Now I am going to describe 5 signs your SEO company is trying to screw you.

1. If you do not get a response from your SEO company – Sometimes you do not get answers to your phone calls and emails from the provider you are working with. The SEO campaign can be productive if the SEO agency is communicating with you clearly and giving you regular updates.

If you are using the phone to talk to an account manager and he is not talking with you in the same way as he was doing earlier but misleading you or sending you to some other consultant then it is a clear sign that your SEO company wants to screw you.

The account managers are the big part for any firm and so you have to think a lot before blaming them. These are the agency’s hardest-working members and often deal with 50 clients or more than this every day. So, if you blame them then you can be affected by this.

2. If fixing technical SEO has become the obsession of your agency – It is important to do technical SEO. How much time will be required for fixing the technical SEO of a site? 6 months, 2 months or 1 month? The performance of your website can be very good if you are fixing its technical SEO by considering its age, build, and size.

If your website’s technical SEO fixes are to be done by an SEO company then you should be careful because the timeline for it is not definitive.

Your website’s information can be understood, indexed, and crawled easily by Google if you are doing its technical SEO.

The work of doing technical SEO is disguised as no-work by several scammers of SEO. What is the reason behind this? The reason is if the real work is not done by the client as a result of his technical naivety then it can be ignored by his client because he just wants the task to be finished.

3. Each month hundreds of links are promised by SEO scam companies – The SEO campaign’s most time-consuming and most challenging task is creating backlinks of high-quality. Your website’s performance can be improved if for landing links a lot of emails, copywriting, outreach, and research is done.

Having so many links of low-quality is not good but having a single link of high authority is far better. It can be harmful to you and can be considered as an SEO scam if so many low-quality links are built by you.

4. If your conversion goals are not considered important by your SEO partner – The goals and business of a new client must be understood by you before working with him. For identifying if we fit for a particular trade we should see its conversion rate and also if success is measured by him accurately or not. It will be a good idea to give it a form of an interview if you have to communicate with an agency or an SEO consultant for the first time. If the SEO consultant is not interested in your goals and wants to work with you then you should be careful of him. It is important to know that your conversion goals are not given so much attention by SEO scam companies.

5. If secrets and strategies can not be explained by SEO scammers – The work that your website is doing must be clearly explained by your SEO company. If it is unable to do it then it is an SEO scam company. It is a very time-consuming process to do the SEO of a website. The working strategy should be clearly explained by your SEO agency.


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