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5 Simple Ways You Can Save Koalas from Extinction

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When it comes to cute animals, koalas are quite high on the list. Unfortunately, thanks to the tree clearing spree that we are on, koalas could become extinct by as early as 2050 if we do not take action right now. Most of us are all set to blame the government while enjoying our can of soda and a bowl of popcorn from our couch. However, impactful change can only be seen when we are not only aware of the issues but also take a proactive approach to solve the issue. So, here are some simple steps that can save this Australian wild wonder from being a thing of past.

1.) Plant a Tree

One of the major reasons that are making the koala population dip at an alarming rate is the destruction of their habitat. These aw-inducing marsupials are leisure loving, to say the least. They spend as much as 18 hours of their day snoozing amidst the branches of the eucalyptus tree. And, when they are up, they can go much up to 1 to 1.5 pounds of the best eucalyptus leaves. Out of the 700 species of eucalyptus, they only prefer 50 for their everyday diet. Unfortunately, frequent forest fires, as well as clearing up forests for commercial purposes, have put these animals in grave danger. So, planting a koala friendly eucalyptus tree wherever possible is a good initiative to give them a new home and keep them off of the deadly roads. Remember, koalas have different shelter trees and feeding trees. Keeping a healthy mix of both is a good idea.

2.) Volunteer

Instead of booking your tickets to an exotic holiday location for your next holiday, volunteer koala sanctuary. These sanctuaries are always in need of a few extra hands. A volunteer can help them with caring for the animals, preparing their meals and feeding them, playing with the animals, exercising them, cleaning their enclosures, gardening, and general maintenance. The time you spend here is definitely going to be life-altering and impactful.

3.) Maintain Healthy Driving Habits

It is very common for koalas to come out into the busy highways and roads when their original habitat is under threat. The buzzing horns and blinding headlights confuse them and often become the reason for their death. So, it is vital for all drivers to keep an alert eye on the road with the headlights on, especially during the night. Slow down immediately if you see them crossing the road. It is a good habit to keep an empty box or basket with a blanket in your trunk. In case you see an injured koala, you put it carefully into the box and make your way to the hospital.

4.) Make Thoughtful Donations

There are a number of organisations working at different levels and in different ways, but with the same goal – Save the Koalas. However, it requires a lot of money not only to treat injured animals, feed abandoned ones, build koala sanctuary Australia, rehabilitate lands, but also to continue conservation projects, research, and a lot more. So, if you want to be even a small part of this huge project, then donate. Donate as much or as little as you can to save these voiceless animals.

5.) Make some changes at your Home

Since koalas are now being forced to move to the more urban areas of Australia, make it a point to keep them safe here. Install koala friendly fences. Incorporate as many trees as you can into the fence line, especially native trees. Koalas are very prone to drowning in swimming pools. Either install childproof or koala proof fences or simply tie a thick, strong rope to a nearby tree or pole so the koala can climb its way out of the water.

We have already lost 1 out of 4 koalas, and we need to act right now in every possible way to save these innocent lives.

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