Friday, September 29, 2023
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5 Smart Fishing Tips when on a Fishing Trip

Sometimes a simple little fishing trick can make a difference in the overall experience of a kayaker out into the sea for fishing. So, you are planning to invest in fishing kayaks for ocean but know little about the fishing tricks? Well, we are here to reveal some of the smartest and safest fishing tricks one must know if the purpose of kayaking is fishing. Read on!

Get away with the fish odour from your hands: It seems that the rotting smell of a fish wouldn’t go with none of the soaps available. You can try rubbing your wet hands on stainless steel while you use soap and water to clean the germs and grime. Stainless steel could effectively remove a good amount of smell from your hands. No matter what you use – the faucet, piece of cutlery, or a steel bowl, there occur a chemical reaction that eliminates the odour causing elements from your skin.

Avoid tangling of new lines: As you start spooling fresh lines on to the reel, it takes time to get it loaded in its memory and the idea of not spilling off the reel every other moment. To ensure new line gets on well to the reel, experiment running a spooled reel in hot tap water for around a minute. The heat developed will compel the line to create a memory of the reel, avoiding twists and tangles later.

Protect the rod ends from sticking together: Several fishing rods are available in 2-3 pieces for easy storage and transport in your cheap fishing kayaks and other kinds of water boats. The rod ends are termed “ferrules” that usually stick together making it difficult to part them. To avoid this, use beeswax coat on the male ferrule. The beeswax candle works best in this case. However, kayakers and anglers also use snowboard or ski wax for the purpose.

Hold on the fish guts: It could not always the case that garbage day is near to your fishing trip. You might need to store the fish gut pile for some days before the disposal truck arrives. In a case as such, keep the gut stored and tied in two grocery bags. Keep it in the freezer until the day of disposal. It helps prevent unnecessary mess and stink in the garbage bins and keeps away harmful pests.

Cut the braided line easily: Several line clippers and scissors have been damaged and ruined when trying to cut through a braided fishing line. You can have a cheap and effective tool for the purpose – the little magnet milk bag snipper easily available at grocery stores. The blade present in the plastic housing easily slices down the line cutting it quickly.

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