5 Steps to Brew The Perfect Nespresso Coffee


Nespresso coffee pods are incredibly popular coffee brands around the globe. From offices to households, they can be found everywhere. So, if you are addicted to Nespresso UK, we can fully understand you because it is simply an amazing coffee brand, which no one can resist. However, if you are tired of buying an expensive Nespresso coffee cup from your local barista, you can just order the best quality Nespresso Capsules UK and start brewing your own coffee. It might sound a bit daunting at first but you can easily brew the perfect cup of coffee at home by using Nespresso compatible pods. 

To make your coffee, you can also follow these simple steps:

Heat Up your Coffee Machine

The first step towards an aromatic coffee is—heating up your coffee machine. For a perfect espresso coffee, the ideal heating temperature is between 92 and 95°C. And the good thing is that Nespresso has already set their machine to heat up to 93°C—just in the middle.

However, in the Nespresso coffee machine, water had to travel from Thermoblock (a heating mechanism) to the Nespresso pods holder, and sometimes water gets cold while traveling. But, that can be easily fixed by properly rinsing out the machine before using and pre-heating it.

Heat Up your Coffee Mug 

Does your barista ever serve your Nespresso UK in a cold mug? No, right, you shouldn’t also do that. Therefore, just like your Nespresso coffee machine, you should heat up your coffee mug.

In this step, you can combine the first step—the hot water that you have used to rinse out your coffee machine, you can pour it into your mug to heat it up.

There’s a very deep reason behind heating up a coffee mug. That is, human taste buds are highly sensitive between 20°C to 35°C—that’s why we taste things better at room temperature as too cold or heat can dull our taste buds. And this is the perfect way to tone down the bitterness of Nespresso pods and fully enjoy the aroma and textures of your coffee.

Select the Right Intensity

If you read your Nespresso capsules UK pack, you’ll find all sorts of information related to coffee mentioned on it. And you should precisely check for intensity level—which is a blend of information about the coffee type, roasting style, and beans mixture. The higher intensity means a higher ratio of Robusta coffee. Also, high intense Nespresso coffee pods are more bitter and rich.

Therefore, according to your taste preferences, you should pick the intensity level. If you enjoy less bitter coffee, you need to buy low-intensity coffee or vice versa.

Make Coffee In Smaller Portions

If you are thinking that you’ll save time, energy, and your efforts by brewing a big coffee pot at once, you are wrong. Usually, baristas brew 30ml coffee shots at one time because—the oil, aroma, and texture of coffee declines with each passing second. Therefore, just brew your coffee when you want to drink—and in small portions.

Use Two Nespresso Coffee Pods

In your professionally brewed coffee, around 7-12 grams of powdered coffee is used. Whereas a Nespresso coffee pod is 5 grams—that means you have to at least two Nespresso compatible pods to brew a commercial-style coffee.

By following these simple five steps, you can effortlessly make a professional espresso coffee at your home. But, for that, first, you have to order the finest quality Nespresso coffee pods—and Gimoka Coffee can provide you that. We deliver the best Nespresso UK pods at your doorstep; just place your order today!