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5 Steps To Proper Mold Removal/Mold Remediation

Every homeowner should take immediate action to remove mold from their home.  It is because mold growth has several adverse outcomes on our lives. It is not only harmful to your home or workplace, but it can also take a toll on everyone's health who is living or working inside the area. Therefore, it becomes essential to take immediate action to remove mold when you notice it for the first time. 

Mold doesn't just go away on its own. You need to take proper steps to remove it thoroughly. It can cause respiratory problems and other allergic reactions when left untreated.  Plus, it also causes long term damage to your home or business and negatively impacts your estate values.  A professional agency like Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C would be ideal for helping you get rid of the mold.

Usually, mold grows inside a damp building. Whenever there is excess moisture in the air, you will witness the fungus getting accumulated within weeks.  Though it is quite a threatening problem in most commercial and residential properties, professional service providers provide highly effective mold removal methods. If you've spotted mold growing on surfaces of your property, it's time to hire a mold remediation company.  Here are five steps that need to be adapted to get rid of the mold problems.

Step 1 - The Assessment Test

A mold doesn't always grow above the surface, which comes to your notice. In some cases, it grows behind the walls, which you can't see. Try to figure out the primary sources of the mold accumulation. For example, it can be the moisturizer accumulated in your pipes or premises, or it can be the water leaking from your roof or the ventilation pipes. In some cases, it is an outcome of poor plumbing too. It is not always possible to identify the primary sources of mold accumulation. Because of this, you might need a professional agency that can assess the issue and help you identify the source of the mold build-up.

Step 2 - Taking Special Care Of The Affected Areas

If you hire a professional mold removal agency like Pure Maintenance of Washington D.C., the experts will seal off the affected areas after identifying them. Usually, experts use polythene sheets to seal off the affected rooms. Also, they seal all the ventilators using tapes and polythene sheets.

Pure Maintenance of Washington D.C. comprises professional mold removal experts who use specialized chemicals, tools, and safety gears to restore your home to its former glory. They ensure that the contaminated air doesn't get stuck into the system and spreads through your entire property. Plus, they also use negative air pressure to prevent the mold from spreading further.

Step 3 - Documenting A Proper Plan

Before starting the actual mold remediation procedure, you must document the whole situation with videos and photos. It is required to understand the real problem in detail to develop a full-proof plan. It would help if you had clear answers to questions like:

a) When will the work start?

b) How long will it take?

c) What will be the precautions to take?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you manage the whole task's liability and plan accordingly.

Step 4 - Cleaning up

Professional mold removal contractors use different kinds of methods to clean up the clingy mold. After examining your property, they will decide the right cleaning process that suits you the most. However, the price, outcome, and effectiveness will depend upon the surface you are treating. Also, the pros and cons of the services vary from one project to another. However, the most common methods of cleaning up the mold are ice blasting or hand scrubbing.

Step 5 - Ensuring The Preventive Measures

As they say, "prevention is always better than cure." After a professional mode remediation process, you need to prevent it from happening further. You need to follow some precautionary measures like maintaining appropriate humidity levels, avoiding storing your precious stuff in damp areas. Also, make sure you are keeping your bathroom doors open after taking a shower.


No matter the reason behind the moisture issues, resolving them should be your topmost priority. If left unresolved, these problems further impact your house or office's durability and lead to other serious issues. Therefore, take immediate steps to save your property from mold invasion in the upcoming days.

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