Monday, September 25, 2023
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5 Things to Consider while Buying a Ceiling Fan for your Home or Office

It’s an undeniable fact that increase in pollution has led to Global Warming. The scorching sun and the soaring heat becomes unbearable during summers. In such a scenario, fans are a greener, cost-effective, and energy efficient option as compared to air conditioners. Apart from keeping your home or office cool, fans also provide cross ventilation of air and makes the environment of your home or office more amiable and habitable.

Fans are generally available in different styles according to their applications, but when it comes to cooling your bedroom or patio or office desk, ceiling fans are a good option. Several manufacturers produce specially designed ceiling fans for a home office. Here are some factors you must consider while choosing a ceiling fan for your home or office:

  1. Budget: Our society operates on money and hence, it is very important to consider your budget before looking for a product. Ceiling fans are generally available in three variables: Economy, Base, and Designer.

  • Economy: These fans are generally the cheapest and the most power efficient. Economy fans are ideal to be used in places exposed to the external environment such as a patio or a reception area in an office. These types of fans usually cost around 1500 INR.

  • Base: These types of fans are slightly costlier than Economy fans but are more powerful than them. These fans are ideal for places which need rapid cooling. Base fans cost around 2000 INR.

  • Designer: Designer fans are ideal when money is not a constraint. These fans are equally powerful as Base fans but are highly fashionable in their design. These are ideal for your living area, bedroom, or personal office. The cost of Designer fans is generally above 2000 INR.

  1. Sweep Area: The sweep area of a ceiling fan is determined by the length of its blades. The sweep area of a ceiling fan generally ranges between 900mm to 1400mm. Fans with smaller sweep area are ideal for small office rooms, kitchen, etc. as they provide targeted cooling. Fans with large sweep areas are ideal for bigger rooms such as dining hall, living area, or conference rooms, etc.

  2. Placement: This is yet another crucial factor to be considered before buying a ceiling fan. The placement of the fan depends on the area and the number of people the air needs to reach. For example, a ceiling fan in a bedroom should ideally be placed directly under the bed, whereas, a ceiling fan in a cafeteria should be placed in the middle so that the air spreads over a large area.

  3. Purpose: It is very important for a buyer to be clear about the purpose of the ceiling fan before buying it. As mentioned earlier, ceiling fans are available in many variants as per the budget and requirements of a customer. For example, a personal office needs to have an amiable environment so that you could be fully productive at your office. Hence, a personal office would ideally need an appropriately sized powerful ceiling fan to fulfill its purpose. But because you will be working in your personal office, having a quiet ceiling fan without all that jarring noise from the motor will be extremely beneficial. So do check out some of the quietest ceiling fans available in the industry here for more suitable options for you to consider

  4. Power Consumption: It’s important to consider the power consumption of a ceiling fan as the performance and efficiency of a fan depends on its voltage requirements and compatibility with the energy source. For example, a fan requiring 230 V cannot perform properly when connected to a 220 V power input.

Ceiling fans are widely popular as they are very convenient to use and require very less maintenance. They have a wide range of applications and with advancement in technology; manufacturers are constantly making them better and easy-to-use. Choose the best ceiling fan for your home office from an extensive range of options provided by several manufacturers.

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