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5 Things Holding your Website back from the #1 Spot

In today's digital world, consumers are accessing your website from their laptops and also from their mobile phones or tablets. It's vital to generate good quality content and should make your website user friendly. By using digital presence solutions you can make your site again on #1spot. Here we have some "Don'ts" about your website recommended by digital media marketing agency in Chicago il.

But in some cases, if your website has low traffic and its rank getting lower day by day, there must be some reasons. It will be helpful if you start considering your mistakes to make them better.

1)      Traffic :

Maybe, you feel like you are not getting enough visits on your site? It can be really disappointing if you are just not getting found on Google. The main key to attract more visitors to your website is getting recognition. It seems like an ordinary statement but most of the time visitors will only come if they know about your existence on the internet.

Most of the time, we lack in our strategies so if you want more visitors on your site,  there are a few digital presence solutions you can try to do so. Internet traffic works as a game-changer for your website, it can take your website to the top and can also place it at the lowest number. It depends on how effective your strategies are, how much effort and time you put in your work.

a.    Advertisement

Less advertisement means less audience. if you are starting a new business with a new website, you need to advertise your business on more & more platforms.– online advertising could perhaps offer traffic boosting; try to build on your organic search engine ranking.

This could be very helpful if you are entering a crowded marketplace like the internet, where some larger companies already have strong search recognition.

b.    Email

Sometimes we don’t take the power of email seriously. Email is one of the finest ways of image building. If you have an email list of visitors, you can easily play a safe game with it. You can send your business details to them free of cost. It will easily generate a large number of visitors.  If you are making any kind of offer to attract visitors, be sure to create a landing page that is specific to that offer. It's one of the easiest ways to connect with your future audience.

c.    Social Media

In the current era, social media is the most effective way. You can easily promote your site on social media by using paid or unpaid plans. You could utilize online social media channels in order to promote site content as well as highlight your company products or services. For businesses with access to images and videos, Instagram and Pinterest are a good option– if you are a B2B company, you may take a chance on Twitter or Linkedin. You can easily collaborate with bloggers and influencers to advertise your business on social media.  Social media provides different tools; one can use them according to their ease. You can launch your business campaign on it. The polling method helps a lot in getting the audience's point of view. So we can make changes in our brand according to their needs and desires.

d.    On-page Optimization

Titles and descriptions are the main highlights of a website. It is known as an attraction for your business. An unappealing headline can easily decrease their number. Visitors Paying attention to page titles, page descriptions, and alt image text can also help with SEO. This information on the page helps search engines know what the content of the page is. The internal page linking on your site is also a good option. Try to make the description easy to read as well as comprehensive. Make your On-Page Optimization strong.

e.    Keywords and Content

Closely Pay attention to the content of your site in terms of keywords. Web search engines utilize the keywords in your website copy to determine if they should display it as a search result or not. In case that you have not optimized your site for the keywords, it will affect your organic search traffic. Must select keyphrases you want to get found on. A good keyword utilization and a good content make a perfect combo. If you have good content, but your keywords game is low, nothing will work and vice versa.

2)      Bounce Rate:

If traffic is not your problem but rather a lack of visitor engagement once they hit your site, then you need to do more research on your site's actual content and conversion paths. A higher bounce rate means that people jump off the page that doesn’t meet their original search intent. Analyzing your site can tell you what your visitors are looking for to reach a particular page on your website.

3)      Conversion :

If inaction is your problem, you need to think about how you can maximize conversions. Letting people know how to move forward when they land on your site is a key conversion strategy. Providing visitors with a clear path to conversion with concise information and compelling calls to action is critical to success. Simple navigation that doesn't overwhelm your visitors with options can help keep things focused on your ultimate conversion goal. Use calls to action with action-oriented language designed to motivate your visitor to do what you want them to do. Strategies like split testing can be helpful in fine-tuning your message and determine what resonates best with your site visits.

4)      Flash Animation, Moving Text, Fancy Cursors or Music

These things are unnecessary; it slows down your loading process, some visitors might get irritated from it. It likewise leaves a bad impact on the user; they might take your site for granted or scam. Try to make your website content unique, simple, and trending. The language and font of your content must be easy to read and understandable.

User-friendly websites always have the highest rank because they are easy to use.  Everyone has busy routines; no one wants to put effort into understanding your content; they will easily jump to some other site, to keep interested of visitors, don't use such tactics to decrease your credibility in the internet market.

5)      Dead links & Your Products and Services

Always check your links frequently to make sure they are still working or not. It creates a bad impact on visitors if some link gets expired or shows some error. Your site links should be updated and active.

The most important thing is never ever to list down your product and services on the same page, break things up, use the navigation to help visitors find what they want. Make different sections of every product and service. It looks more professional. If you list down all things on the same page and section, it will look messy and disturbing. Categorize them carefully, so it will become more user friendly


If you have a website that is not delivering the results you want, it's a very disappointing and challenging task to make it work. Firstly try to figure out where you are lacking. After spending time writing your post, writing your website copy, and making your site look great, it's hard to realize that it's not really working for you in terms of leads, sales, or sign-ups.

Deeply look upon your missing parts and, with the help of the above digital presence solutions make it a better version than before. In the guidance of the digital media marketing agency in Chicago il above, each point is very effective in building your image on the internet market.


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