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5 Things That Will Make Your Website Look Professional

We often heard the first impression is the last. Make sure you rock it. Business nowadays depends on the websites for their sales and revenue as the digitalization is on the boom. Everyone is in the race to get benefitted from the digital world. The high-tech websites have turned into full-fledged stores, catering to all the needs of the potential customers.  Since you are still here with us, do you know who Oliver wood Perth is? The mastermind behind turning around 2000+ Australian companies to digital. Oliver wood Perth web design is one of his special projects.


After digging dip, we found out some of the useful tips to design a cutting edge full-fledged website. Wake up your technology soul as we are about to share the five best tips to have a professional website.

Simple is Classy

Keep your website simple as possible because simplicity always catches attention, and the cluttered website instantly loses visitors' engagement. In complex websites, it's hard to navigate and harder to read. It is human nature that we like simplicity and avoids the hassle.  Simple website design is always the best design to execute. The lesser the hassle will, the more will be the results. With the help of a simple website design, you will communicate your message to visitors quickly. There will be fewer update requirements.
Professional Typography

The professional and easy to understand typography is equally mandatory when it comes to the professional website. If you don't want your website to look like an amateur develops it, use straightforward typography. Your typography must be readable, and the text color combination should be balanced. Easy to read size text size is preferred, and it is usually 16pixel. When a user visits your website, the items should be cleared in one go. 

High-definition Images

Eye-catchy images can easily attract customer’s attention. It can turn your website up and can take it down. Visuals help in improving Google ranking and represent the brand image and connect you with your target audience.  If there is an HD image on a website. The website will automatically be considered a professional website. Therefore if your website is full of random photos, no one will take your business seriously. If you don’t have professional photography, you can always go for the stock images. There are several stock images present online as per your desire. Ensure you only use related images; there shouldn’t be any unrelated images present on the website.

Engaging Preloader

While the website takes time to load; a user definitely won’t wait for this much and head over to the other website. An attractive pre-loader can stop visitors from leaving the website in the middle of the shopping. An animated pre-loader can get you lots of traffic. No matter how classy your website looks, the visitors won't stay if the preloader is not attracted.

Responsive Site

People are always on the go and what handy stuff, they won’t open laptop or computer to visit your website. There is a need for a single website to be responsive on all the devices, whether it is a phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, websites need to function correctly on all.

Clean up Navigation Menu

The navigation menu bar is a lifesaver as people love familiar things. It is present on the top, and visitors can easily navigate what they are looking for. Your navigation buttons need to be simple and accessible.
The main goal is to make it easy for visitors to take action and scroll around your website. Keeping your menu simple is cherry on top.

It Sums Up

We hope this blog will be helpful for you in designing your website. Keep in mind these tips and implement these while creating your website to elevate your professional business level. The cutting edge website design needs to comply with the above points to rank high on Google ranking. You can visit Oliver wood Perth web design to know more about web design and tips and tricks regarding the best website design.

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