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5 Things That You Never Thought of Painting -- but Let's Break the Ice Now!

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Let's accept the reality. How many times have you picked up a paint other than for colouring your walls? Well, if we believe the studies, 9 out of 10 times a person picks up a paint shade just to beautify the walls. And we are sure you aren't the 10th person in the list. Today, let's be the unique 10th person and try to paint something other than the walls and bring a new revolution in decor.

 What Can You Paint Other Than Your Walls in Your Home?

Yes, we accept that calling painters in Wellington from Kowhai is the best step to beautify your home. Your walls will certainly look out of the world with their excellent work and their perfect finishing on the same. But today, we aren't talking about the walls. These are already beautiful because of the paint work that the experts did on them. We are going to colour some of the other things in your house that you never thought could be coloured with paint.

  • The refreshing refrigerator — Most of the time, when your refrigerator doesn't look good, you still accept it in your kitchen because it's working well. But, why should you bear this eyesore in your beautiful kitchen any longer? You can easily paint it beautifully with a chalkboard paint and make it very much an attractive component here.

  • The best part of your stairs — If you're really bored of the normal stairs in your home, then you can always give it a special touch. Paint the centre part of your stairs (the runner part) in a pleasant but vibrant shade (and remember to take the help of tapes for clear and perfect lines). Opt for tough, matte, and long-lasting paint for this job, for this is an area with high foot traffic. Now see the magical transformation in your home décor.

  • Let’s look up on the ceilings — For centuries, ceilings have been painted to fit in the room and not to stand out in the room. Well, the world’s looking up. Why should you remain behind? Paint your ceilings in a distinct but catchy shade to make it the focal point of your room and create a fantastic magic here.

  •  The inner cabinets — Glass cabinets are attractive, agreed. But they can be even more noticeable if you colour the inner side of these cabinets in a bright and vibrant shade like bright yellow, sea green, etc. and let the glass showcase that shade beautifully to the onlookers.

  • The frames of beds — When you have basic beds, you don't have the power to choose your favourite colour matching with your room. Usually, the option you get is either silver, black, white or brown. Now let's break the stereotype and paint the frame in your choice of colour to match your room and make it look extraordinary.


We are sure you never thought of painting these areas of your home before. So, did you like our ideas? It's time to reverse the decor style and use some creative ways to add that distinct and innovative touch of paint in your home. 


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