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5 Things that you should Look for when Buying a Used Car

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Are you planning to buy a second-hand car? It can be confusing and overwhelming if it is your first car. Here are some important factors you need to know before buying a used car. 

1. Take a Mechanic to Inspect it

If this is your first time you are planning to buy used cars Auckland, it is better to find someone to go with you who has some previous knowledge of buying cars. They can guide you when you are checking out the car or talking to the salesperson. If not someone you know, you can take a mechanic to this meeting. There are a couple of things which you should check thoroughly before a decision. If you need a professional to inspect the car, it can get quite expensive. A mechanic can give you free advice. 

2. Thoroughly Inspect the Car

You can start with inspecting the paint job for rusts, scratches and dents. Check for upholstery work and other repairs needed for the interior and exterior of the car. A thorough checking will help you negotiate and bring the price down. Make sure you open the hood and check the internal parts and engine properly for damages. Check the hoses and belts. They should not have cracks or be soft. Check the timing belt which is attached to the engine. If it is made of steel, then don’t worry about it.

Check the mileage. Cars age with mileage and time. So do not put your money into an old car with low mileage. Rust and dirty parts might get you in trouble down the road. If the car was repaired professionally, you may not be able to find minor defects.  

3. Check for Leaks

If you have plans to sell your car or buy a new one, you have to make sure there are no leaks because they can be hazardous. There are chances of oil stains near the engine. This means there is a leak in the gasket. Check reservoir and brake fluid. Remove the oil filler cap and check inside. If there is foam formation inside then do not get that car. The head gasket is leaking. The fluid on the transmission dipstick is pink or red. Repeat the same when the engine is running. It is not good if it looks or smells burnt. Check the air conditioning is working properly. Buy a car with R134 coolant.  

4. Take the Car for a Test Drive

This is the best way to check the condition of the car. Do things like applying breaks to the maximum and checking for vibration while moving around. The break shouldn’t have squeaking noise when it is applied. Check the lights both when the car engine is running and when not along with radio, any parking sensors if present and back parking camera. Check for small trepidation by driving at different speeds. If it is there, you may have worn out mechanical parts. Check for noise when turning 90 degrees. If there is noise during low speed you need to change joint in front direction level. Check how much the power steering is helping you. Because as the car ages there are chances for the effectiveness of sensors and provisions like these. 

5. Coming to a Decision

The final step is coming to a decision and exchanging of documents. Current owner will have a car service history. Going through this will give you an idea about the repairs, problems and performance of your car. If there is a sticker price, do not settle for it. Since it is a used item, you have every right to bargain. Buy the car for less than what the salesperson is asking you. Feel free to offer a price with your conclusions about the car. Because no matter how good the car looks now, you will need to do maintenance over time. If you are buying from a private sale, bring a notepad to note down the repairs and all the parts which need replacement. 

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