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5 Things to Check Before Buying Wire Storage Shelves for Office Use

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Proper storage is a necessity in an office space. While most offices use digital technology for handling paperwork these days, there are always files and documents that have to be stored manually. No office can store all data digitally, and it is good to have a backup in hard copies as well, in case the system crashes.

There are stationeries and other items to consider, as well. Wire storage shelves help you keep your office space organized. They are light and quite affordable and are functional items that will serve your purpose very well.

Here are five things you should check before buying a new set of wire storage shelves for your office.

  1. Fitting the Layout

Every office has a layout, and your storage spaces should blend in seamlessly with the floor design. The wire shelves should not jut out into a corridor or obstruct the view from across the room. If you feel they look too conspicuous, then you could add a cabinet-like door over it to conceal the shelves from view.

The shelves should not sit over an electric panel behind the wall or any lights, heaters, or even plumbing panels. It would help if you did not have to worry about removing the shelves every time you fix something. Not to mention, a problem with wiring or plumbing could also affect the items stored on the shelves.

Choose your shelves so that the measurements match the walls' width and panels on which you will mount them. Or, if you keep them on the floor, they should sit neatly in a corner or against the wall.

  1. Quality of Wiring

Like in every item, there are various kinds of wire storage shelves available out there. If the shelves are in full view, depending on where you fit them, you should invest in high-quality wire shelves that will serve your purpose of storage and add to the aesthetic appeal.

Check the shelves for loose wires jutting out. Low-quality shelves have loose wires coming off in places, or they are not stretched tightly enough. Over time, low-quality racks tend to sag from the weight of the item kept on them. The wires should be neatly folded around the edges so that no one gets hurt while working near it or no harm comes to the files and paperwork stored on them. 

  1. Finishing and Paint

Wire storage shelves are mostly made of metal wires. The stainless steel shelves are the most popular. They require minimal maintenance and are sleek to look at, making them perfect for office use. However, if you choose wire shelves made from other material or metal, make sure they have a paint coat or varnish.

Some shelves often have iron mixed with the metal. Although this makes the shelves strong and sturdy, they are prone to rust over time if they do not have a paint coat. Check the frames' finishing to make sure all the racks are arranged at an equal distance, and they are fitted firmly to the main stand, with no loose or missing bolts. 

  1. Amount of Storage

Your wire storage shelves must meet your storage requirements. If you have many items to store but have limited office space, opt for shelves with more vertical racks. You will be able to use the shelves' height, rather than allowing the things to spread out. Try to arrange the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter items on the shelves' top. You should check whether the gaps in the wires are narrow enough so that the slim objects do not fall through the gap. Try not to store pointed items on the rack. 

  1. Cleaning and Portability

Since wire shelf units are very light, they can be moved around easily when it is time to deep clean your office space. They require very little maintenance themselves. An occasional dusting is all they require daily. If you feel that you have to move the shelves around a lot because the items stored on them are required in various parts of the office, you may also have them fitted with wheels. Mobile shelving units or shelve carts are quite common, and you will find high-quality wire shelves among them as well. 

Wire storage shelves prevent your office space from becoming messy or cluttered. It is easier to find items when they are systematically stored on shelves and accessible to everyone. They are a good and inexpensive investment for your office and will serve you a long time.






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