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5 Things To Clean Before Your Guests Arrive

5 Things To Clean Before Your Guests Arrive

Having guests over to your home should be something to look forward to. It’s a time to enjoy the company of family and friends and relax in the comfort of your own space. However, the cleanliness of your home can be a source of tension and insecurity if you have company that drops by with little notice. If you need to prepare your home for visitors with little notice, concentrate on these key areas of importance.


The bathroom is a must when it comes to frequent cleaning. A regular wipe down will make keeping up with it much easier. This is definitely a space you don’t want to ignore, especially if you are entertaining. High traffic means you need to keep paper products, soap, and other supplies stocked.

A good clean will keep faucets sparkling and the space smelling fresh. You can even make your own cleansers from natural ingredients that are effective and free of harmful chemicals.

When you clean your bathroom, check the shower and around the sink to make sure there is no mold growing. Mold can be hard to clean, and certain types may even endanger your health and require professional mold removal.


Your kitchen is a frequent gathering place and an area of the home where you spend quite a bit of time. This means that the mess can build up quite quickly. You may want to mix up a homemade cleaner to have readily available to clean the countertops and appliances to keep them spotless without any potential wear or discoloring from abrasive store bought cleaners.

If you have people coming over, then you should empty and smelly trash and consider lighting a candle or using an essential oil diffuser to freshen the air and eliminate any lingering scents of last nights dinner. Aromatherapy can even promote relaxation and feelings of happiness and contentment.


If you are pressed for time, a quick way to make a big impact on the state of your home is by cleaning the floors. Run the vacuum cleaner to pick up and dust, pet hair, and fuzz that has accumulated. Sprinkle the carpets with some baking soda first for a natural way to clear up any odors.

If you have wood or vinyl floors, a swipe with a mop won’t take long and will instantly brighten dull, dusty floors. Use cleaners appropriate for the surface and that don’t cause damage.

Seating Area

The area you are going to entertain needs a little attention before your visitors are welcomed. Do a quick dusting of the living room surfaces. Maybe you want to vacuum the sofa and scan for any areas that need a spot clean. That spilled cup of juice or fur-covered pillow should be taken care of.

Also, take a few minutes to organize any scattered objects and put them away. A tidy area is more appealing and won’t steal focus from the conversation. Not to mention, no one wants to step on that Lego half hidden under the chair, or trip over the dogs squeaky toy.

Entrance and Porch

Finally, you may want to examine your entryway or porch where your guests are arriving. This is the first thing they will see upon arrival. Take the time to sweep up any leaves, grass clippings, or even snow that will adhere to shoes and be tracked inside. Wipe down that door that has sticky fingerprints on it from when the kids went for ice cream, or muddy paw prints from your pet.


A quick clean will let you focus on having fun with your guests. You can relax, knowing that your home makes a good impression and you have no hidden worries that could otherwise occupy your thoughts and attention. But remember not to go too crazy. Your friends won’t judge you harshly for not having your home in immaculate condition. Take care of the basics and the important things and then focus on enjoying yourself.