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5 Things to Consider Before Kitchen Renovation

Is your kitchen tap constantly leaking? Does your kitchen floor have chipped from different locations? Are you tired of your noisy dishwasher? Yes, yes, and definitely yes!

Then, why haven’t you considered remodeling your kitchen? You must be rolling your eyes right now because obviously, you have thought of renovating your kitchen, but you don’t have a significant budget for that—at least yet.

Your problem is 100% genuine as kitchen remodeling costs a lot, and saving up that much money can take a year or even more. And for a very long time, you’ll be stuck with an old kitchen!

Well, that’s not fair. Therefore, we propose a new solution—a small kitchen renovation. In this, you won’t have to renovate your entire kitchen at once, no you can renovate small parts of your kitchen under your budget. This way, you won’t have to cook in your old kitchen and worry about money—it is a win-win solution.

So, how to start a small kitchen renovation? Well, it’s quite simple, just keep on reading—you’ll get to know everything.

5 Things to Consider Before Starting your Small Kitchen Renovation Project

To kick off your small kitchen renovation project, you have to consider the following things first:

Set your Priorities Straight

Since you are renovating your kitchen in small parts, you have to mark the area in your kitchen, which is required to be remodeled on priority.

For example, if your kitchen’s sink is constantly leaking, you should get it fixed or replaced first because you can’t survive in the kitchen pool for very long.

Similarly, if you want to work on any other aspect of your kitchen on priority, define it. If you have no clue about small kitchen renovation, it is ideal to contact a professional and let him or her prepare your remodeling plan. The professional knows what, when, and how to start kitchen remodeling. 

Set your Budget

The whole purpose of a small kitchen renovation is to reduce your financial worries. But, you should still create a full kitchen remodeling budget so that you can stick to it.

Your kitchen renovation budget needs to be directly proportionate to your house value. Such as if your house’s market value is $200,000 and you are spending $20,000 on kitchen renovation, it won’t be a smart move because you won’t even get your renovation cost reimbursed while selling your home.

Therefore, your renovation budget has to be based on your property’s market value. Now, if you are struggling to determine your renovation budget, you can consult the industry experts and set your ideal kitchen remodeling budget.

Buy Kitchen Appliances Carefully

You might not be updating all your kitchen appliances at once, but you should start research for the best kitchen appliances the right way. That’s because when you buy kitchen appliances immediately, you might not get the lucrative deal or the right products; therefore, you should start your search from the very beginning.

While selecting kitchen appliances, you should consider five main parameters—energy efficiency, quality and longevity, technical features, customer care support, and size. Once you have picked a couple of options, you should run a detailed price comparison and then buy the perfect appliances.

Sometimes, during holidays and festivals, big electronic brands offer discount offers to lure customers, and you can use this opportunity to buy good quality appliances at cheaper rates.

Hire Renovation Partner

Next, you have to make a very crucial decision—whether you’ll be renovating your kitchen with your own hands or you’ll be hiring professionals. If you aren't a good handyman and don’t know how many different types of screwdrivers are available, you should hire a professional kitchen renovation company to help you out.

But, won’t that be costly. No, in fact, it will be cost-effective as experts know how to complete your kitchen remodeling under your budget. You just have to share your budget and renovation details with the construction specialists, and they will get the job done under your budget.

However, while hiring the kitchen renovation experts, you should consider the following points:

  • Check their experience and past jobs

  • Inquire about their kitchen renovation experience 

  • Get a complete renovation plan in advance, etc. 

Put your Creative Hat

Kitchen remodeling isn’t about fixing old or adding new things—no, it’s also about beautifying your kitchen according to the latest market trends. Thus, from the
color scheme to the furniture, you’ll have to pay attention to small decorative details as well. 

If you are renovating your kitchen to put your house on sale, you should go with a neutral decor style such as white, pastel, and natural shades do work well. However, if you are remodeling your kitchen because you want a change, you can try Italian, opulent, or any other theme.

So, be clear about your renovation objectives before squeezing your creative juices.

A small kitchen renovation isn’t that daunting as you have imagined now—with little budgeting and smart planning, you can effortlessly renovate your old and run down kitchen.

However, if you require professional assistance to remodel your kitchen, you can contact Beauchain Builders. That’s because we know every family has different requirements, and we will ensure to help out everyone. 

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