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5 Things to Consider Before You Purchase a Water Softener!

Nowadays, the direct availability of clear water is tough to find. Water is considered to be hard when the concentration of magnesium and calcium becomes more. With this increasing problem, people of every household are facing a hard time because of the negative consequences of hard water. Are you facing that problem that too? Are you worried about plumbing appliances getting rusted or laundry clothes becoming stiff? A commercial water softener can solve all these unnecessary problems.

Hard water seems to be regular water just by looking at it, but when it is observed in the laboratory, it is seen that it consists of a lot more minerals and dissolved particles than regular water. All the minerals absorbed within water chemically react with the detergents and iron in the plumbing stuff and create soap build-ups. These particles eventually deposit in that particular place and cause clogs.

Benefits Of A Water Softener

How does this commercial water softener work? Are you worried about the fact that whether it will work in your house or not? To your surprise, it will work in every household. The magnesium and calcium particles get attracted by the resin beads in the mineral tank. In turn, the particles get exchanged by sodium ions making the water soft.

There are 4-5 types of water softeners available in the market. Among that ion exchange, water softeners are popularly used in every household. But, you can choose the water softener depending on your personal needs and preferences. Here are the types of water softeners, among which you can choose that fits your budget.

Salt-free- This type of commercial water softener will suit those who limit their salt intake because they do not allow salts to pass. But this is not very effective as they only restrict the hard minerals from passing instead of permanently removing them.

Dual-tank- This type of water tank consists of two different tanks where one tank substitutes the other if it becomes out of order. There is a magnetic field that attracts the calcium carbonate properties.

Salt ion-exchange- This is the most popular and widely used commercial water softener adopted by different households. The resin in the tank takes out the hard minerals and releases sodium.

For Buying A Water Softener Appropriately, These Are The Main Things Which You Need To Keep In Mind

1.Control- the mode of the water softener is essential before buying it. First, you calculate the quantity of water that is required every day in your household, water softeners can be automatic, or it can be manual. You need to understand the purpose of buying the water softener so that accordingly, adjustable controllers can be purchased. After analyzing the needs and targets, it is crucial to know how the system works and its duration of usage. Always ask for a demo to try out the mechanical features of the system.

2.Size- one of the most important things you need to keep in mind is the size and composition of a commercial water softener. Different sizes and types of water softeners have different abilities and processes to remove the hard materials from water to make it soft. It is essential to calculate the system as per the daily requirement of water in the house and experiment before buying.

3.Features- a top-quality water softener will have many advanced features and components. Quality will assure of its tolerance level and working system. Buying Cheap, quality water softeners are a total waste of your money. Water will only get rid of hard particles and minerals when the system is efficient. It is best to choose a water softener for your home, depending upon the hardness of the water. Automated systems are best if there is excessive use of water.

4.Affordability- Commercial water softener is widely available in the market at different price ranges. It all depends upon how much you want to invest. There is an initial cost for setting up the whole thing, and the parts replacements costs are also a bit expensive. But the cheap ones will not last for an extended duration but will even become worn out easily. Many companies offer these systems with warranty cards. You must make sure about the warranty period and immediately replace it in case of damage or malfunction of the system.

5.Keeping the system- no matter which water softener you buy, it will only last for long if maintained properly. It always comes along with a guidebook for restocking the salt and parts replacement but to be on the safe side, contact your service providers.


From choosing the efficient commercial water softener to its maintenance, you need to choose the steps correctly so that the money does not get wasted. If you get confused in making the right choice, it is always better to take suggestions from professionals.

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