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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Vertical Scissor Lift Table

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 A vertical scissor lift table, also known as a lift table, is a table that you can raise and lower to your desired height. A lift table makes it easy to work with bulky items and reduces the need for repetitive manual lifting. The vertical scissor lift consists of either two or four scissors, each on top of the other, and it lifts to a height of 1.75 meters to 4 meters. The lift table is a safe and durable solution that will serve you for a long time. The scissor table derives its name from the two hydraulic scissor-like arms that run parallel and give the table fluid movement.

A scissor table has myriad benefits, including the fact that its design is meant to withstand heavy objects for an extended period. The lift can be modified to suit your requirements. For example, you may need the table customized so that you can move it around, or you may need one that is secured on either side.

There are several types of scissor lifts:

  • Diesel: This lift carries up to 680 kgs and reaches heights of 18m. This is the go-to lift for cumbersome loads that need to be moved safely and efficiently. It reaches speeds of up to 7km/h and is typically used for outdoor work.
  • Electric: This lift is quick and efficient, and mostly used indoors in areas such as malls or warehouses. It is small in width and can easily navigate aisles in warehouses. It is silent and has no fumes as is is driven by electricity
  • Pneumatic that use air pressure as a lift mechanism
  • Hydraulic Lifts that use engine driven or hand-powered pressurized hydraulics

When buying or hiring a scissor lift, there are several factors to consider:

The Load’s Nature

When it comes to choosing vertical scissor lift tables, you must put into consideration the nature of your load. Check if a standard size scissor lift will comfortably accommodate the weight. If the load is more significant than a standard size lift table, you will have to consider buying a broader table that will comfortably carry your load. For loads that are unstable even on a level surface, you must avoid using a scissor lift as they might topple and break, or even worse, injure a worker.

The Load’s Weight

 The load’s weight, including its parts, should also be a factor when choosing the right scissor lift. The lift tables hold various weights. If you are using the lift table for different applications, the table you choose must be capable of accommodating the most massive load you plan on loading, offloading or lifting.

Load Weight Distribution

You have to determine the load’s center of gravity before choosing a lift table. A standard lift table’s efficiency may be compromised if the load’s weight I not distributed evenly on the table. Weights that put a significant amount of end or side pressure on the lift tend to reduce the lift’s lifespan.

Determine the Vertical Height You Need

You must know the distance from the table to the ground when the lift is lowered fully, and the height it reaches when fully extended. If you need a scissor lift beyond what a standard lift offers, consider getting one that meets your exact qualifications.

Determine Where You Will Use the Lift Table

As mentioned above, there are several types of lift tables. Before choosing a table, you must determine where the lift table will be used. For example, electric lift tables are ideal for indoor use while diesel lift tables are ideal for outdoor use.

For uneven terrain, use the sturdy four-wheel scissor lift that uses diesel. For example, if you fell trees or you are in construction, you will need a lift table that can withstand rugged terrain. If you need it for a warehouse or mall, choose an electric lift table that is built to navigate aisles.


Buying a scissor lift is an investment. By doing due diligence  you will save yourself from making the wrong purchase and ending up with equipment that will not be suitable for your needs. Vertical lift tables come in many different sizes of and models. Ensure you thoroughly go through each model’s specifications and compare them to your needs.

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