5 Things to Consider While Constructing a Mall


Shopping malls nowadays have one of the most interesting construction designs. The number of shopping malls is also increasing at a rapid rate. Despite the increase in the construction of shopping malls. Some developers still face the challenge of developing an intricate and charming shopping mall.

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Constructing a mall is a dream project of every developer. However, even if the little details are not considered well. The project can turn into a nightmare for many developers as soon they start to realize the mistakes that are not reversible. Therefore, proper planning and designing are some of the most important steps before constructing a mall and Knoveo Solutions is here to guide you.

The following are the most important steps that you need to consider while constructing a Shopping mall.

Site Selection

Site selection and planning are some of the most important steps before starting to construct a shopping mall. We want to select a location that has easy access and is close to public areas. The site can be easily accessed by highways. The site should also provide a parking space for cars. So, that the locality of the shopping mall does not create local traffic jams and blocks.


The site or location of your shopping mall should also be selected depending on the market it should target. For instance, if the shopping mall is located at a place where the average customer cannot afford to shop, then you should revise the site that you are selecting.

Entrance of the Mall

The entrance of the shopping mall is also an essential feature. A grand entrance attracts more customers and hence makes a better worth of your construction. The entrance of a shopping mall provides a transitional element between the inside and the outside. It creates the first impression of your site, therefore; the design of the entrance should be given great thought before construction.

Many designs of the entrance of the mall include a water fountain, that displays a lush scene. Another design can be a well-lit space that displays the theme of the mall. A fascinating display of flowers can also be selected since it provides a very subtle and natural display. Therefore, attracting people’s attention.

Design and Features of the Mall

The design and the features of the mall truly defines, the beauty and the finishing look it would have on your customers. So, it is important to greatly consider the design and features of the mall. It is also important to consider the lifespan of electrical, mechanical, and HAVC systems. This would help you in choosing the best materials for the shopping mall. It would also help in identifying the duration in which your shopping mall would need renovation. You also need to carter for many important construction features such as roof waterproofing, epoxy flooring, the need for proper lighting, and spacy entrance and exits depending on your needs.

The site design also includes the orientation and layout of the building, parking layout and circulation, drainage retention, water supply system, and various other elements. One of the most important things that you need to consider is the pedestrian environment. The pedestrian environment should mainly decide the theme and the design layout that you are going to consider for your shopping mall. Nowadays, epoxy flooring is very popular, and they add beauty to the pedestrian environment.

Diversity in the Shopping Mall

While constructing your shopping mall you need to greatly consider that what you are designing should, invite people from all categories. Your shopping mall should be designed in such a way that people from all age groups and ability can visit your mall. The disabled should not have a hard time in the mall. Try to make areas easily accessible to the disabled, by properly designing every escalator and stair area. Your mall should be disabled-friendly from top to bottom, therefore promising the specific demographic, comfortable, and dreamlike experience of the mall.

One more important thing to consider is that your shopping mall should include a diverse experience for your customers. Nowadays, in the era of online shopping, customers do not just visit the mall for shopping purposes. Therefore, you need to make their shopping experience diverse as you could. One of the basic reasons that people visit malls is to spend some free time and to amuse themselves. Therefore, multiplexes, play areas, restaurants, aquariums, amusement parks, etc. are the important need of almost every shopping mall. Besides this, many shopping malls large indoor amusement parks, aquariums, and snow worlds. Therefore, the more diversity you would provide for your customers, the more people would like to visit your shopping mall.

Identity of the Mall

People visit different malls depending on the extraordinariness and the distinctiveness it holds. Every mall has a unique WoW factor that makes it remarkable and unique from the rest. Therefore, your shopping mall design must include a unique feature that should become its identity. There can be several elements that you can add to your shopping mall to make it unique and distinct from the rest.

For example, many shopping malls have a unique interior decoration that becomes their identity. Some, shopping malls, have great amusement parks or a unique set of restaurants. Therefore, the more profligate features your shopping mall holds. You would see the number of customers visiting your mall increase as well.


Nowadays in the advent of technology and innovation. The uniqueness and innovation in shopping malls have increased as well. There are various features that you should consider before constructing your mall. Along with the features mentioned above, such as roof waterproofing and epoxy flooring, you need to take care of some other aspects as well, such as sustainability. You need to make your shopping mall energy-efficient. Sustainability can be increased by including green roofs, materials with low carbon, and solar panels. Another important feature is the building envelope design of your shopping mall. With innovation, the building envelope design has become advanced as well. Hence, you need to take a keen look at the features of your shopping mall during construction.