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5 Things To Gift Your Technology Lover Friend


Gifts for people who are always on their phone

Now, most of us are used to having conversations that require your friend to be on their phone, so why should you add another piece of technology that they have to be on to enjoy a conversation? Hear: Pick your Tech Gift to gift this holiday Yes that is right. This is how you make sure your friends don't only lose touch with the world but don't have any time left to make new friends. So it's time to change your gift-giving strategy and gifting those things that help them do their work. Give them a super-powered screen protector or anti-smudge makeup remover! Or gifting them a pen that'll keep track of their next meetings, and put their entire calendar on a digital reminder system.


Gifts for people with a really old phone

If you feel as if you've used your friend's phones to upgrade their current devices, then you know just how old their devices are. But make sure to not get them a completely outdated model that is over five years old because their other phone is a more current and nicer model. Instead, get them a phone that is in the best condition that they have or even one of those phones that come with a three-month guarantee. Gifts for people with flat batteries A phone in good condition is so important to people, so a phone that has flat batteries is a bit of a joke. But you have to get their phone out in case you need to do a bit of tinkering. All you need to do is take the battery out and put it in again; it won't take long, but just make sure you get them another one.


Gifts for people who love to travel

WITH so many good things to do in the world, taking a break is always a nice idea. However, if you have a friend who is always on the move or travels frequently, the best gifts to give are travel experiences. "Travel can be romantic, but it is also just as fun for the nerd in us," says Kelly Brook. "Heading off on a holiday, especially when you and your friend are both long-distance, is a real treat and is a gift that can go on for a lifetime. "Put together a bucket list for each other and share in each other's joy and excitement at being able to tick something off your lists together." To start your travel treasure hunt, the supermodel recommends planning a trip where both you and your friend can pack their luggage.


Gifts for the tech-savvy friend

Do you need help finding the perfect gift for your tech-savvy friend? RENTOLE has all the latest gadgets and tech gifts to get your friends going this holiday season. Chloe Speedo Dot — doesn’t just cover up — uncover. This halter one-piece is pretty and fun. Aria 3-in-1 Adapter — never has one cord go with another when you're on the go. These two-in-one adapters from Aria will not only allow you to charge your phone or tablet at the same time but also charge an iPod or MP3 player. In-Ear Earphones — Shout-out to the sassy friend who can't let go of her pop music. These pretty, pink earphones from RENTOLE keep the tunes going when you're on the go.



This Christmas, don't miss the opportunity to make that special someone happy with the perfect technology gift. It's all about making someone else's day brighter. You don't need to break the bank to make your friend's day awesome. Try to make it a memorable experience that you can't make again.

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