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Diamonds are the luxurious gemstones with its mischievous beauty which can keep your eye on a stare mode. They add an alluring and elegant look to our lifestyle. They reflect an array of divineness when slided into our fingers. Diamonds with their immense beauty can bring out a stunner in you. When Romans theorised diamonds as the fragments of stars fallen from the sky, its unique exquisity never proved it wrong. Therefore, when you pick your favorite gemstone, find one that fits you the best in quality and appearance.

1)Shape : 

           When choosing a diamond of your own style or to gift your beloved, ensure the diamond you pick, unveils a vivid sensation in you. From round, marquise, trillion, princess to cushion and so on, pick one that suits well to describe you. The shape decides the amount of brilliance in a diamond. Brilliance refers a diamonds brightness and sparkle. The diamond you pick in accordance with beauty, sparkle and with a mix of elegance you desire, describes your personality. Ensure the shape you select have a specific cut quality and reflects lights in its own unique style. Only a precisely cut diamond can exhibit an angle of exact brilliance. The round shaped is the richest and the stunner among the diamond varieties.

2)Cut :

             The cut grade of your diamond determine its quality of brilliance. A high cut graded diamond sparkles its beauty intensely, by reflecting light. Precisely cut diamonds are among the costliest and considered fire. Diamonds with more depth percentage boast out an intense luminous. Always prefer an expert gemologist diamonds with precise cut proportions in terms of their length, width, depth and symmetrical faces which louds their brilliance. Sort out your diamond depending on the quality of their cut, than on the color and clarity. Because when you select a diamond with accurate cut property, clarity and clearness simply follows it. If a diamond cut isn’t perfect, the light entering into it escapes through the unproportioned sides and fails to reflect the light. Therefore only a precisely finished diamond can give out a scintillating feature.

3)Clarity :

              The clarity and color of the diamond are the key factors of their brilliance. A diamond color varied from colourless to faint yellow shades. Colourless diamonds are exclusively the rarest and the best unique pieces of diamonds. A clarity of a diamond is at its peak when their sizes are not much larger. According to the Diamond Clarity Chart, they are classified into :

     Internally Flawless (IF)

     Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1 & VVS2)

     Very Slightly Included (VS1  & VS2)

     Slightly Included (SI1 & SI2)

     Imperfect ( I1, I2 & I3)

These categories evaluate the diamonds precisely to ensure the diamonds are quality aided and high standards. A diamond purity and rarity lies in its clarity of brilliance. The Jewellers in Hatton Garden have their own Diamond Heaven, with an expert range of diamond collection  uncompromising in their purity and standard levels. Therefore in your quest for diamond hunting, ensure the diamonds you come across posses high grade of clarity and brilliance.

4)Carat :

            Carat is the measurement of weight of a diamond. The value of a diamond rest in its carat. A carat can provide the actual details of a diamonds purity and rarity. An increase in in the carat weight can thereby influence the properties of the diamond. Every diamond you purchase must also be cross checked with the certificate the seller provides. The certificate should contain the exact details of  weight, color, clarity, depth percentage etc.. every characteristic the diamond posses. It thereby certifies an approved and trusted seller. Since diamond selling is a highly standardized and careful process, always make sure the diamond you receive is from a legitimate and ethical seller. This is to ensure the diamonds in your hands are the conflict-free ones. Every diamond you buy must be worn in your unique luxurious style, henceforth their security and authenticity should be deeply considered.

5) Rarity and Market Value :

         The rarity of your diamond influence the market value. The rarer the diamond, higher the price. However, expensive diamonds wear the most scintillating sparkles. The red and pink classes of diamonds are considered one of the rarest among gemstones with their extraordinary brilliance. These diamonds never run out of style. Their beauty still remain a fondness to every women. The rarity of your diamond can additionally give a stunning look to your lifestyle. Diamonds still remain one of the greatest obsession in a women’s lives. Pick the best honeymoon places in London and surprise your beloved with a rare cut piece of diamond ring or pendant and watch the beauty they come across as they begin to flaunt it in their style. Every piece of diamond engraves its own beauty, which when worn voices out a style that you never came across.

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