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5 things to keep in mind to avoid frauds while purchasing jewellery

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The news is filled with people being scammed and duped for money during jewellery transactions. Since a lot of money is involved, you can never be too sure or safe. However, there are a few rules of thumb that can help you to minimize your chances of encountering any fraudulent activity during a purchase. Here are 5 things that you absolutely must know while buying jewellery.

1.       Fake branding

Always check for any fake branding. Sometimes, it is too tiny to be visible. All jewellery pieces have unique stamps with reference numbers with them. Genuine and real jewellery has clear, legible stamping that can be read using a magnifying glass at most, if not with the naked eye. However, if the stamp is smudged, in wonky letters or has the numbers too mixed up to read, then that is a regular signal for you to stop right there. That is fake branding and not genuine, 100% pure jewellery.

2.       Ensure purity, hallmark

There are government approved hallmarking schemes specific to every country and its jewellers. These hallmarks are well-known through advertising to common public in order to save them from scams. Make sure to check the hallmark on your piece of jewellery before buying it. A government registered hallmark means purity. Then you can go ahead and buy it without a worry.

3.       Get a receipt

This applies not just to jewellery but anything you purchase but more so for jewellery because you are paying a lot. If you do not get a bill, something is definitely fishy and you do not know who is going to pocket that money. Always insist on getting an invoice for your purchase with the jewellery carat information, price with taxes, hallmark, reference number, etc. This is an actual, tangible proof of the purchase and ensures that you have not been duped. Also later, in case of any strange findings, theft, etc. an invoice hold great weightage with the police as well.Hatton garden jewellers London always give an invoice for every purchase.

4.       Ask for exchange policies

Always ask the jeweller for the exchange policies of their store. If the jewellery is not genuine, then exchange will not be possible as it will have no value at all for resale. But if they have transparent exchange policies, then rest assured, you are in the right place and in possession of pure and genuine jewellery pieces.

5.       Avoid purchasing jewellery online

People are easily duped while buying jewellery as commonly we don’t know enough about it. If this is the case in a personal transaction, imagine the amount of frauds that can take place if you order jewellery online. You cannot check anything and there is no guarantee that you will get your order after having paid. Plus your bank details are also exposed. It is a terrible idea to purchase jewellery online. It is best to stay safe and do the transactions in person to make sure as much as possible of the genuineness.

In this case, precaution is definitely better than regret. Keep this few simple things in mind, stay alert and you’ll be fine. Always go to your trusted and old seller to buy jewellery or your Engagement ring London. Make sure you have proofs and are in full control of the transaction. Reading up a little about current prices, weightage of gemstones, carats of gold, etc. and a few such other basic things will always come in handy so you won’t look like an amateur.

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