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5 things to keep in mind while buying kid’s beds online

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Beds for children have come a long way ever since the days we were kids. While parents are decorating their homes, it is exciting and fun to style up the nursery. An integral part of the child’s room is no doubt the bed. To choose the perfect bed, whatever be the style one must be very cautious in choosing the mattress as well. A few tips if kept in mind will be handy.

·   The right type of bed: While buying the kids bed online there are many types to choose from like bunk beds, platform beds, loft beds, daybeds, trundle beds, storage beds and toddler beds.              

·   Choose by bed size: While you might just think, that the bed is after all for the child, so how does the size matter, but the size is important. One can choose from Toddler, Twin/ twin XL, Full, Twin/Twin Bunk Bed and Twin/Full Bunk Bed.

·   Choose by bed style: Very often parents design their house in a Victorian style, but when it comes to the nursery, they choose a very funky style. The bed is made equally bold to keep up with the rest of the nursery as a result. So, while shopping online, you can choose from lovely designs of Triple bunk beds, Sports beds, Princess beds, Nautical beds, Rustic or even Trundle bed designs. Don’t worry about how to decorate your other rooms, you can always break the monotony with a jungle theme and a tree-house bed for the child’s room.

·   Opt for the right material:  The age old kid’s bed of sturdy wood material does not hold good in today’s fast paced age. Wrought iron or plastic is a choice of many parents, who do not want to invest much in a kid’s bed. Then there are global couples who themselves live life out of a suitcase. They feel, why spend so much on a kid’s bed when you have to dispose and move to another part of the world any day?

·  Themes and brands:  It’s so much fun to decorate your baby’s room and buy that Barbie bed. For a boy’s room, a Sport’s theme is the most apt. A circular bed in the shape of a football gives a striking look and creates a fun environment.

The right kind of kid’s bed should be functional as well as appealing, they always like color and with good image pattern. While booking online, one needs to take care what looks beautiful to the eye must be apt for the kid too. Its no use buying a bunk bed for a child who is not the adventurous type or a Princess bed for a girl who is the sporty type. The colour theme plays an important part is designing the bed and must go well with the wall colour of the room. Choosing the right mattress is very important and the foam mattress is the best as it redistributes the kid’s body weight while the kid sleeps & provides a good posture to the kid’s body.

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