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5 Things to Know about Sex in Later Life

Sex is important in our lives, even more than we can imagine. The things we know about it and how we indulge in it can change as we advance in age. Sex as a topic is often uncomfortable to talk about, so several individuals lack the information. Meanwhile, below are 5 things you should know about sex and things to watch out for as you get older.

Important things to know about sex as you age

1. Your sex life can be affected by your body changes

Although this problem affects both men and women, it can be hard to say which gender is more affected. For women, the changes occur after menopause. After menopause, the woman begins to experience vaginal dryness. This can make sex very uncomfortable as well as painful if care is not taken. To remedy the situation, the woman can try using a vaginal moisturiser or lubricant if she still wants to have sex. These materials are easy to come by, and you can get hold of them in high street pharmacies and supermarkets. If you feel uncomfortable buying them in shops, you can search for and order them online.

The body changes that men undergo as they age, which affect their sex life, are erection problems. This means they end up having issues with getting or maintaining an erection. The cause of this problem can vary from physical to psychological problems. Lifestyle changes such as loss of weight or smoking can also play a role in erection problems. Erection problem should always be reported to a doctor, especially if it persists for weeks. The doctor should be able to prescribe medications or suggest other treatment options.

2. Sex is beneficial for your health

According to research and studies, healthy sex life can be good for your blood pressure, stress levels, heart and even your immune system. Sex is a good exercise for the heart and not just the body. This is because the heart rate at orgasm is the same as the heart rate during light exercise such as walking or climbing the stairs. This makes it very important in maintaining healthy activity levels.

Additionally, physical contact related to sex, such as holding hands and cuddling, has been proven to help in the reduction of blood pressure. Finally, a study showed that people who had healthy sex lives were better at handling stressful situations and also had higher levels of immunoglobulin, which is a substance that helps to fight off stress.

3. Your sex life can be affected by your health condition

As we age, our health deteriorates, making us more susceptible to various health issues like heart problems and dementia. The emotional stress that comes with a diagnosis can impact your sex life negatively and can even cause significant body changes that can affect your self-esteem.

If you have been diagnosed with one health problem or the other, it is essential to speak with your doctor about the possible effects on your sex life. Also, you can try out new things together and see which works for you.

4. There is an increase in STIs in older people

A lot of people seem to think that STIs and STDs are only for young people. You should know that age does not protect you from sexual infections and diseases. Anyone sexually active without protection is at risk of contracting an infection. Recent studies have shown that even older people are not an exception from sexual infections.

If you are an older person and have a new sexual partner or multiple sexual partners, having unprotected sex can place you at risk of sexual infections. If you must have sex, always stay protected by using a condom. If you feel that you may have already been infected with a sexually transmitted infection, speak to your doctor and visit a sexual health clinic for STD screening.

5. Age can affect your sex drive

Some of the obvious problems associated with sex drive include the falling levels of sex hormones, side effects of medications, and of course, advancement in age. As people age, they tend to lose interest or develop problems with sexual desire. This can leave one or both partners feeling disappointed with themselves and each other.

Spending time with each other, cuddling, having a chat or discussion, and relaxing can improve the situation. This is more common in women, especially after menopause, and can be remedied by Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). HRT relieves symptoms of menopause and replaces hormones that are at a lower level.

Advancement in age should not be a restriction to having a healthy sex life. Be sure to speak with your doctor if you have any concerns whatsoever. For reliable and safe information on sexual health, you can visit website.

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