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5 Things to Look For In a Water Filter System

Water Filter System

One of the most important things to look after in our household is the water we use and drink. You never know what can go in our water, may it be chemicals, heavy metals, or even pesticides at times. Fortunately, water filter systems give you and the entire household the clean water you need.

However, there are a lot of water filter systems out there ranging from small to big, cheap to expensive. It can get quite daunting trying to choose the best one suitable for you! That’s why I compiled this shirt and informative list to help you out.

So read on to learn about what to look for in an effective water filter system!

Five Things to Look For In a Water Filter System

It’s crucial to get the right water system, as it offers amazing benefits from health to economics. After all, with the many contaminants one can find in water (evening the house!), you want to ensure a sound investment for your overall health in the long run.

With that said, look out for these five things when selecting a water filter system:

  1. What’s In Your Water: Private Well or City Water?

Yes, using the public water supply is generally safe, but there may be contaminants unregulated by EPA. There may also be boil water alerts experienced, caused by ruptured pipes or contamination.

People with private wells also have their own issues, with up to 40% of wells having coliform bacteria or E. coli! That’s why you need to identify what contaminants may be in your water supply, depending on what water supply you use. This is to select a water filter system that filters out the contaminants your water has, specifically.

  1. The Type of Filtration Technologies Available

There are various types of water filter systems, and you need one depending on what areas you’d like to cover, such as:

  • Pitchers are basic systems, which use gravity to move water using filters. These are best for only drinking water, as you need to constantly replace it after finishing the pitcher contents
  • Undersink models filter water in smaller faucets in the kitchen sink, not your main faucet. They treat water only while you use or consume it
  • Whole-House systems are advanced filtration systems which treat all water that enters the house
  • Salt-Free Water Softeners can remove scale buildup from appliances and pipes, installed at your house’s water line
  1. What Filter Do You Need?

There are different types of water filters available, with what you need depending on the water quality in your household. The most common type of filters activated are carbon filters, which remove heavy metals, parasites, pesticides, and chlorine. For household with more contaminants, then a different water filter system may be needed.

Other filters are:

  • Reverse osmosis Filters which reverse water’s natural flow, making it the most effective but slightly expensive purifiers.
  • Distillers heat tap water to its boiling point, leaving any form of contaminants. This isn’t the best option for those with chemicals in the water.
  1. How Many People and Bathrooms Are There?

Choosing the size of water filter systems varies by how many sinks and bathrooms you have, as well as how many people live and use water at home. Water filter systems are sized based on the home’s maximum water flow rate, which is why you need to identify how many appliances, faucets, and showers you have to see how big of a system you need.

  1. Certifications and Overall Cost

The prices of all these water filtration systems vary, but the cost shouldn’t be your main focus. Remember, a cheaper one might be more ideal because of your individual needs (like pitcher systems), while whole-house may be required with bigger households. Whatever the case may be, think about setting a reasonable budget and prepare to spend at least $100 for quality filtration systems.

Besides this, remember to choose filtration systems which are ISI-certified, ensuring that it's been tested to be safely used. It also ensures that it’s efficient in removing all contaminants.

Wrapping It Up

Water is the emblem of good health and cleanliness, we need it to live well! That’s why it’s crucial to know what type of water filter system to get and to invest in the one that works efficiently in your home. With the right one, you can ensure that all your family and friends and water safe to consume and use for cleaning.

I hope this article on what to look for in the right water filter system gave you an idea of what to get. So don’t wait any longer and begin looking into reputable companies like Fill2Pure to ensure you only get the best and suitable investment.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences in selecting a water filter system, then comment below. All your thoughts are much appreciated.

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