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5 Things to Remember When Shipping courier to New Zealand

Are you making an international courier for the first time and clueless about it? When it comes to an international courier, Parcelchief had little advice for newcomers that can help you ship your courier quickly.


There few things that you need to take care of to make your international courier successful; it does not matter whether you are using courier service for your business or sending a gift to your relative. Ensuring parcel safety should be your top priority and to make it happen, you need some help from the experts who are into the business of sending parcel. 

So be prepared to do some to do your homework, as packing the parcel and making it safe is going to be fun. 


Here are five things that you can do to make shipping parcels internationally safe-

What you can do to make your parcel Safe


So, when you inquire with the Shipping services, always ask for the quotation first and compare the shipping price. Moreover, to make your parcel reach safe and sound to your relative or friend, make sure to read all the country-specific rules and regulation.  

Here is how you should approach making a courier to your friends and family so that the parcel reaches its place safe and sound. 

1. Researching country-specific restrictions and regulations are so important.

When shipping the courier to New Zealand or any other country, you need to make sure you are not sending any restricted item to ship in the country. Every country had a list of prohibited items, which you must avoid while making a parcel. If you mistakenly add such thing in your parcel, the country officials will cease your parcel. Moreover, you might have to face a few fines or legal charges. So, make sure to go through the country's list of restricted items you need to send the parcel before booking courier service.  


2. Understand international shipping costs, so you don't pay more than you have to.

Understanding International courier service charges can be tricky, but you need to check whether the shipping company charges you fairly. For that, you can go through different international courier service and compare their international shipping charges. Since we live in the day of the internet, you can find so many companies sharing their international courier charges. If you are ready to put some hassle, you can compare different shipping companies' prices and choose the Shipping service that suits your budget. 


3. Secure packaging is essential.

There is always a possibility that your parcel can get damage in between the journey. Courier services try their best to avoid such bad happenings. In the hands of the good courier, there is less chance of damage to your parcel.

Still, it does not excuse you from being lazy and not work on increasing your courier safety. Make sure you use every possible thing to help the parcel reach safely to the destination. You need to work on packaging and use the double-walled cardboard box, as they are best in the international courier case. In a long journey, the parcel box has to go through many tough challenges, avoid the use of any cheap material that cannot withstand the pressure and challenges of the journey.


4. Don't forget a return address.

Sometimes the parcel cannot be delivered to the desired location, and you need to be prepared for such a situation. You need to make sure to include the return address in case your parcel cannot make it to a destination point. The parcel will be returned to your provided address free of charge.


5. Research restricted/prohibited goods.

Coming back to our first point about the country-specific restriction and regulations, while sending a parcel anywhere across the globe, ensuring you are not sending any prohibited goods gives you so much peace of mind. The country-specific rules and restrictions are an integral part of the country's safety system. In case of any confusion, you can always call or visit the postal service site of your desired country and check whether your item falls under restriction list or not. You can simply follow generally while making international courier, that is, to avoid sending liquid or perishable items.


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