5 Things to Remember When Traveling With Your Pet


More people than ever before are choosing to travel with their pets. From rabbits to dogs, travelers are finding that bringing their best friends along is superior to leaving them home. Here are five things to consider to avoid any mishaps when traveling.

1. Bring Enough Food

It's never a good idea to suddenly switch your pet's food. To be sure you aren't stuck buying a new brand, which could cause stomach upsets, bring enough with you. Before you stock up, check for discounts like these ultimate pet nutrition offers.

Whatever treats or medications your pet has every day need to be taken along. If you are afraid the traveling will be a bit stressful for them, look into stress-reducing treats. Any left over after the vacation won't go to waste. Stress-relieving treats also come in handy during thunder and lightning storms, fireworks or when unfamiliar visitors arrive.

2. Use Proper Car Restraints

Even if you've never used seat belts for your dog while driving locally, you should consider it for highway driving. A seatbelt will have the added benefit of keeping your dog out of your immediate vicinity while driving. An alternative could be to bring your dog's crate, but then they would miss out on the scenery.

Cats and small pets are easier since they will be happiest in a traveling container of some kind.

There are even backpacks available to keep your hands free when walking around a new city or hiking in the woods. They provide your cat or small pet with great views as well.

3. Find Pet Friendly Accommodations

Plan your route and accommodations ahead of time. It is becoming very common for hotels to accept pets. Check that policies have not changed since you read about their facility online.

It might be a good idea to stick with a chain. Not only will you earn points if the chain has membership benefits, but you will also know what to expect in each location.

Cats are not that thrilled with camping, but it could be a lot of fun if the pet you're bringing is a dog. It can also save you money, including hotel pet fees. Many even have pet amenities like fenced in dog parks.

4. Be Prepared for Emergencies

Program your veterinarian's number into your cell phone before you leave. They should be able to talk you though anything minor that occurs on the road. They could also advise you on veterinarian practices wherever you are, in case something more serious happens.

Be sure your pet's tag information is accurate and complete and has your current cell phone number. Microchipping is also a great idea. Local veterinarians and shelters should have equipment to read chips and most people will think to bring a lost animal to one of these facilities.


It's also a good idea to become familiar with lost pet search websites. They help get the word out more quickly than signs can do. Just be sure you have a clear photo of your pet in your phone to enter on the website.

5. Don't Forget the Selfie Stick

If you don't already own a selfie stick, you really need to obtain one. They are inexpensive and easy to use. Imagine the amazing photos you'll be able to get along the way. There is a popular hedgehog on the internet that travels all over the country and is very photogenic. Likewise, you could document your best friend's travels on Facebook or Instagram.

Take it a step further and set up your pet's own social media pages. Cute pets tend to get more followers than people, and if your pet's popularity turns into a blog, you can even earn money from advertisers and sponsors.


Make a list and check all the boxes to avoid any disappointments on the road. All it takes is a little planning to experience the perfect getaway for you and your best friend.