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5 Things We Didn't Know About iPhone 6

5 Things We Didn't Know About iPhone 6

iPhone has been a rage among smartphone users. Ever since the first iPhone has launched, there are loads of users shifting base to it and becoming a loyal fan. With every new launch of an updated model, you would find people exchanging their old iPhones to the new one. Similarly, each new iPhone has some unique features which excite the users, and they plan to change their old iPhones. But you should also know about almost all the features of your new iPhone so that you can use it to the core. So, let us know about the five things that we did not know about the iPhone 6. It would help you to explore it even better.

  1. Change your Keyboard to a Trackpad

Your keyboard is not just used for typing every letter but can be used as a trackpad to glide from one letter to the other without picking your finger up. It would save you some time to change any text quickly. But how do we do it? All you need to do is activate the 3D Touch capabilities in your iPhone. Once done, just long press anywhere on the keyboard and the trackpad will be activated. Then move the finger on the screen anywhere to move the cursor quickly and start typing all that you want.

  1. Check the level of surface

You must have never imagined that your iPhone 6 can also check the surface level apart from the compass. It is a built-in hidden app which not most of us have known until you read this. When you load the Compass, you would have to swipe left to view the spirit level and check the surface level. You can then use it to check if your pictures are hanging correctly on the wall or nail a wall with the right level. It would not be as precise as a general spirit level, but it is for sure handy for most of us. You can also measure the distance between two surfaces when you tap the red margin.

  1. Calculator Facts

Calculator apps are convenient to all as you need to calculate huge numbers all the time. Have you ever felt the need to remove just the last digit entered wrongly and must start the calculation all over again? Well if this is so, then you are not well versed with your iPhone 6 yet. All you need to do is hover over the last digit and move it back on the number. It would act as backspace and delete the digit for you to continue your math from where you left.

  1. Hide Sensitive Photos

We all have a habit of clicking photos videos which are personal and sensitive. But we all tend to forget to hide them when we hand over the iPhone 6 to any of our friends for some work. So, now wait no more and select the photos in multiple and tap the share button. You would get a hide option which would give you an option to hide all your photos from Moments, Collections, and Years but would keep it in Albums. So, now stop worrying about your iPhone 6 being in the hands of any person who can mess with your sensitive photos.

  1. Get your lost iPhone 6 back

All you need to do is track your iPhone using the Find My iPhone feature when it is lost. Just activate it the Settings App and under General > Apple ID > iCloud use it to switch on the feature.

You must also be worried about the iPhone 6 screen replacements which are the need of the hour. You do not wish to be stranded for not getting your iPhone 6 screen replaced on time. Well, this is something that has become a cake walk. All you need to do is visit any iPhone repair centre and handover your iPhone 6 for screen replacements. It has been the best ways iPhones had evolved unlike yesteryears when it took days to get an iPhone screen replaced. You can find come of the best iPhone repair centres in London for your iPhone 6 screen replacement.

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