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5 Things You Must be Aware of When Visiting India

India, one of the oldest civilizations in the world is a country of diverse culture and traditions. It offers numerous outstanding tourist destination spots for travel lovers. Be it scorching summers, chilly winters or continuous downpour, you can experience the beauty of each weather in this country. This country has been witnessing the fusion of several customs and traditions for over 4000 years. This reflects the rich heritage and cultural aspect of the country. 

India is home to several castes and tribes as well. Religious minorities, including Muslims, Christians, and Buddhist still holds a significant proportion of the population. From a country reeling under colonialism to one of the leading economies in the global world, India has set a wonderful example of progress within a span of fifty years. Nothing but the nationalistic fervor of the people in India are the main reason behind the culmination of such a vast development. 

Each place in India, ranging from Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas to Kerala, God's own place to Goa, the party capital offers an extraordinarily wonderful experience. On one hand it might make you adjust to the frenetic energy of this mystifying place while on the other hand, it might teach you the tips on healthy and safe living.

It also offers delicious food of different flavors, incredible nature, a rich cultural heritage, and a vast population of warm and welcoming people. Given below are a few clever tips and tricks each traveler must consider before stepping his/her foot in India:

  1. Approved e-visa India Electronic visa, an official authorization granted by the country to a foreigner permitting him to enter, travel, stay or leave the territories of the country. Indian e-Visa contains the details regarding the person’s identity, so, as a foreigner, if you are visiting the country you must have a valid Indian visa or else you won’t be allowed to enter the territory of India. The visa also specifies the places where the person is allowed to visit. Visiting the prohibited places is a punishable offense as per the visa guidelines.
  2. Explore beyond the cities India’s big cities, such as Delhi and Mumbai offer numerous fun-filled activities. It is surely exciting to spend time in the luxury of such cities. But, India is home to a plethora of towns and villages. The raw beauty and the traditional ways of life in small towns and villages has its own specialty. As India’s soul lies in its villages, it is worthwhile to move outside the city and explore the beauty of such places. The pace of life and development might be slower in such places, but it offers a cleaner environment and a different insight into the unique culture of India. 
  3. Things to keep in mind while visiting the Indian temples people of India believe in god. Being a country of diverse religions, people have a strong faith in their Gods. The most important thing you must keep in mind while visiting the temples in India is that you need to take off your footwear outside the worship area. According to the Indians, this is a way of showing their respect towards God by not polluting the area with the dirt on footwear.

In many cases during your worship in the temple or mosques, a holy man might pressurize you for making donations in the form of money to the temple. They will try hard to convince you saying things like, ‘God will bless you’. But this is just a trick to get the money. As a visitor, with a thought of not wanting to be disrespectful, you might feel pressured to give the money. But, you don’t need to donate even a single penny if you don’t want to as it is just a way of fooling the tourists for the sake of money.

  • Travel less and explore more– India is a vast country and each place of the country might attract you. But it is always a wise idea to plan your trip beforehand. Instead of spending a few hours at each place, make a list of your preferences and try to spend more time exploring the history and beauty of the place. “Travel less and explore more”, this agenda will surely make your trip worthwhile.

Learn to Haggle – unlike other countries, haggling is a natural part of shopping in India. Initially, you might find it strange but all you have to do is just a friendly negotiation. The vendors in India generally quote a price that is quite higher than the original price of the product. So, if you don’t bargain with the seller, you will eventually end up paying more.

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