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5 Things You Need in Your Dream Kitchen

If you enjoy cooking or baking, your favorite room is likely your kitchen. Since you use it so frequently, the kitchen needs to be functional and easy to maneuver. Kitchens can become outdated quickly. If you're moving into a new home, it's likely your new kitchen doesn't have everything you want. A quick renovation can give you the dream kitchen you've always wanted. Here are five things to keep in mind when you're designing your dream kitchen.


Every house needs a refrigerator. You need to first understand how large your refrigerator needs to be. A good option is to use true refrigeration refrigerators. They are large and come in many styles. Another thing to consider when it comes to refrigerators is if you want them to be seen. A current trend is to hide refrigerators behind cabinets or doors. Some homeowners even style their refrigerator to look like their cabinets. In this way, the refrigerator disappears and becomes just another cabinet.


Arguably the most used part of a kitchen is the countertops. Quartz countertops are sought after by many homeowners and designers. It looks natural but is manufactured. This means quartz is very strong and nonporous making it a great choice when it comes to cleanliness and safety. In addition, quartz can come in a lot of different colors. Designers particularly love quartz because it is easy to design around. Natural stones like marble or granite have natural color changes and differ from slab to slab. This means that if you cut the natural stone it can be difficult to match up and look seamless. Since quartz is manufactured, cutting it and making it look seamless is simple.


One of the most used appliances in the kitchen is the sink. When looking for a sink for your dream home remember that wide and deep sinks are ideal. Sinks are not only for washing dishes or washing your hands. You also have to be able to fit a pot in it. A normal sink is around 8 inches deep, so you want to find one that is deeper than that. Wider sinks are also preferable because it gives you room to fill up a pot with water without moving around any dirty dishes already sitting in the sink. A deep sink also helps when prepping vegetables or pouring liquid because it helps prevent any splashback.

Gas Range

When it comes to cooking, gas is king. A gas stove is preferred by all professional chefs. A gas range allows for more precise control of the heat as well as even heating. Electric stoves get hot slowly and stay hot long after you're finished cooking. A gas stove starts cooking as soon as the flame is on and stops cooking as soon as the flame is off. This results in more precise temperature control and reduces over-cooking. However, while you want your stove to be gas, your oven should be electric. An electric oven heats more evenly than a gas oven. Electric ovens will also maintain their heat better than gas ovens.


Custom cabinetry and drawers are a must for a dream kitchen. While everyone's definition of the ideal kitchen is different, custom cabinets allow you to choose exactly the style you want. Custom cabinets also can fit exactly into your space with no gaps or strange corners. If you want cabinets that go to the ceiling, custom cabinetry allows for that. Deep drawers are also an option with customized cabinetry. With deep drawers, you can keep pots and pans in an easy-to-reach area.


The little details are what make a dream kitchen. Adding in a touch-activated sink is a must. A touch-activated faucet allows you to turn the water on and off even if your hands are full. This is ideal for when you are holding a pot of water or your hands are full of dough.


Before you break ground on your dream kitchen, be sure to plan ahead. Kitchens can be expensive to redo, but the benefits of having your dream kitchen are worth it.

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