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5 Things You Need to Know About Translation Equipment

Translation equipment basically means converting one language into another in both oral or written form. The biggest advantage of this equipment is that it does not destroy or spoil the flow of your speech. There comes a situation where your audience can be from multiple foreign languages so there are different speakers as well. If you use this equipment then it is extremely effective for interpreters to transfer or communicate` the presenter’s message to the people who are there as the audience in their own language. This equipment is mostly used in international business conferences and United Nation meetings


  1. You would get different features of Simultaneous Interpretation and this equipment just needs a headset that is connected to the presenter's microphone. The interpretation also needs his/her own microphone as well which would convey interpreted speech to the members who are sitting as an audience.


  1. There are two major types of simultaneous interpretation equipment. They are Infrared transmission and radio transmission. The major benefit of infrared transmission is its resilience to the radio interface plus its short range. There are some drawbacks too, they always need professional installation and its shorter range.

Radio transmission has its own benefits and the main benefit is that it has large ranges of transmission and their simplicity. Anyone can install these systems since FM transmissions can reach 1500 to 3000 feet. FM based equipment is used much as compared to infrared base equipment.

Which Equipment should be Used?

  1. You often think that which type of equipment you should use or from which companies you should buy the specific equipment. Plus you also think that how that specific equipment you are going to use for this you see the size of the audience, the number of languages, setup of the venue, Size of the venue, and also the sort of presentation you are going to present.

Shouldn’t Leave any Equipment Behind:

  1. The interpreter must be provided with a variety of equipment that includes a headset, a transmitter, and a microphone. The people who are sitting as an audience require the interpretation they will need their own receiver and headset.


  1. Soundproof booth is an ideal working location for a simultaneous interpreter with a view of the presenter and any related visuals. If a booth is not available then a table or other private space can be used as well. Space must adjust 2-3 interpreters. Only work surface is required with any bright light or lamps if the venue is dark.
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