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5 things you need to know before renting a house

We've all been there: you see a home and instantly fall in love with it, picturing yourself living there.

This typically occurs after hours of visiting dreadful properties with the same rent, making you even more convinced that there is nothing else available and that this is the only good option.

If you have chosen an estate agent then the scenario may be different, but it could still take time to find the best one for you. 

For quick renting take the help of local estate agents. For example, if you are looking for property in Stafford then get in touch with estate agents in Stafford.

In case you are looking for a property on your own, instead of making a hasty judgement and depositing the holding deposit to avoid losing the property, think about it. You should take a breather, thoroughly inspect the property, and ask a few questions.

Is the area suitable for you?

It may be the nicest property, but if it adds 45 minutes to your commute, an infrequent train that stops at 9 p.m., and a higher travel expense, it may not be worth your time.

Always double-check your commute times and access to the places you frequent most often. Getting up two hours earlier to get to work will not only make you grumpy (and exhausted), but due to weather, transportation issues, and other circumstances, you may find yourself arriving late more frequently, which will not look good at the office.

Are you able to afford the property?

When shopping for a home, it's easy to start with a certain budget, but if you don't find anything, increase it somewhat. This sets in motion a pricing spiral in which you persuade yourself that you can afford something that simply isn't doable.

Calculate the monthly rent, and don't stop there; find out how much the council tax will be, and inquire about typical bills.

Consider whether or not there are gas stoves, what type of heating is utilised, and whether or not there is double glazing.

The sort of property you live in will also affect how much you spend on heating expenses; a large, older house will cost more to heat than a tiny, modern apartment that's on the third or fourth floor.

Also it is important to know if you are paying the right price for the property. Check for property valuation in Stafford if the property you are interested is in Stafford and be sure you are paying the right price. 

Property's condition and timing of renting

When you're looking at a house in the sunshine, it's difficult to image it being damp, mouldy, and draughty in the winter.

Similarly, you may find it difficult to contemplate that a well-insulated property has limited ventilation or that there are noisy neighbours in the street at all hours when visiting it during the winter months.

Examine the rental property with the same attention you would if you were a buyer. If you detect any problems, inquire as to whether they will be addressed prior to the start of your rent.

Despite the fact that the rental market moves swiftly, don't be pressured into accepting a tenancy start date that isn't necessary.

A little overlap with your prior tenancy helps you to transfer all of your belongings conveniently and gives you time to clean your old property, but don't add additional fees to your new rental just because the agent wants to let it from a specific date.

Ask what the available date is and how flexible it is; don't be pressured into accepting a date that doesn't work for you.

What is the duration of the tenancy agreement?

This is a matter of personal preference; if it's a short-term rental with the option to renew, both you and the agent/landlord will have the opportunity to evaluate if you're a good fit. It allows you to depart if the property does not meet your expectations.

You may, however, be required to pay renewal costs each time you agree to renew your lease. Make it plain to the agent that you are searching for a long-term rental and see what possibilities are available.

Examine the documents

Nobody hates to think about things going wrong, but tenancy agreements are supposed to be two-way like any other contract.

Signing explains your landlord's responsibilities and constraints, as well as your agreement to pay your rent on time and keep the property in excellent shape.

Read the contract carefully to ensure you understand what happens if something breaks, whether repairs are required, and if the property is subject to frequent inspections.

Always double-check that your deposit is being held in the DPS deposit programme, which is a legal obligation in the UK and ensures that your landlord cannot simply keep it.

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