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5-Tiny Yet Beautiful Room Ideas

What started out as a fad, is now trending and growing out into various avenues of home ownership. We are speaking of the Tiny House. A few years ago, there was a financial crisis in the United States. People from every part of the country were losing their homes. Many were unable to find temporary housing due to the massive numbers of people who were being evicted at the same time. It was devastating and a black mark on the history of this country. Some moved in with family or friends, some became homeless. 

After a period of time living in a car or tent. Tiny houses had been around for a good while. But being cramped into a small place to live did not seem like so much fun. But after the entire family sleeping in the family car or in a tent. Small was just fine. We will give you some hints to make your tiny house stylish and lovely without any sacrifice. 

Idea 1. Use natural plants to make your home and those who live in it remain healthy. Let your lovely home work to improve your quality of life. Enjoy the beauty and the natural scent of your Zen Garden.

Zen Micro-Garden

This is a very important part of your little home. As a matter of fact, you might want to have more than one. Measure four blocks of wood. You want a round circle in the center that is 1” smaller than the rim of you terracotta pots. Then you need a hole in each corner and 4 lengths of cord or rope. Tie large knots at the bottom. At equal spots that allow enough room for the pots in between, tie the knots in the rope and feed the rope through the squares. When you are finished tie big knots at the top. Hang this on plant hooks. Tip: I hang mine on a wooden clothes hanger so I can just pick it up and take it outside to water. Plant some plants that make you feel good. The plants will clean the air in your small space plus a lot more. Plant Spider plants, they clean the air at night while most clear the air during the day. Plant lavender, to make keep calm and peace in the home. Peppermint smells good and relaxes anxiety, stops an upset tummy went brewed in tea. So, do your homework and decide plants you want.

Idea # 2 Try to look at your cabinets as more than storage for the dishes and food. Cabinets can be designed to work in any room of the house. They can slide out, tilt forward or spin around. A series of cabinets in the entryway will give you a unique look that will hold more than you can imagine.


I wish there was another word for cabinets. When I say cabinets, you probably think only of a cabinet for cereal and another for a bowl. Yes, they are that. You can order the white shaker cabinets from Best online cabinets. These high-quality cabinets have been around for hundreds of years. But, do not limit yourself. There are a lot of custom cabinets that will make your life easier.*2.  For example, how about a cabinet with a wooden rack in the bottom that fits over the sink. You can was up a few things and put them in the out of sight drain.

Idea #3 The trick to making fade away cabinets look professionally installed is to use the tiny areas where there are gaps. If there is a gap between where the cabinet ends and the countertop begins fill it with a slide out cabinet. It may only be a couple of inches, so frame it and place pegboard in the center. Use kitchen hooks. Use the hooks to hang measuring spoons, gadgets, keys, and other small things that always find a way into the kitchen. Add a couple of kitchen hooks so you can clip memos, When you are not using it, just slide in and you have you fade away memo wall.

Fade Away

This year you will see (or not) cabinets that are designed to not look like you are there. Paint with creams colors or a matte finish. Stay with black, white, or gray.

This year it is all about being understated. You do not want to stand out until you begin using your kitchen, then the wow feature is coming very soon. So get ready for some shocked and envious guest, and enjoy you new cabinets. You will love them and be part of your decor for some time.

Idea # 4 - Double-Duty Furniture

Do not waste with traditional furniture

A little house is known for using furniture for more than one thing. A bedside table spins around to the right as a desk and to the left as a table for a person who is sick. In the living room a wooden table folds down out of the wall for guests, and when more people arrive, you fold down the back and arms and it becomes extra seating. One of our favorites is using a chest for a coffee table. It can be used as a coffee table. It can be pushed against the wall as seating, and the best part is, when you are ready to relax, you can open it to reveal a flat screen television. Push it into whatever room you want to use it and plug it up. Your remote control, extra batteries and anything else you may need are safely inside a zipped bag glued to the bottom of the chest. You are ready to have a romantic night with your partner or some serious binging on Netflix.

Idea # 5 Folding wall or something like it

The Dining Table

Sometimes you just want to sit at the table. Most of the time in a little house, you don’t mind a tv tray or sitting in a lawn chair on the patio. But every once in a while you just want to sit at the table to cut into a thick steak. 

Have a wooden table designed that is made for indoors. Of course, it will be a smaller size than your average dining room. Have the legs attached so they fold under the table then fold out and lock when you are setting it up. When you are not using the table, attach the entire table to the wall. It will make a beautiful wall decoration. You can have two (or four) chairs made to match it and hang them leading to the table. This is a beautiful dining room idea, that comes to like in front of your guests.

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