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5 Tips for a better quality of life

More health and quality of life is one of the main goals of all people, so we have separated some incredible advice that will make your life become much happier.

Healthy diet

The first step in achieving a healthy year is to define your diet and invest in a healthy diet. Food plays a very important role in health, not only physical but also psychological.

Maintaining a natural diet with real foods will make your year much more rewarding. Our tip here is: if you can't define exactly which foods are good for your health, start by definitely cutting those that are bad, like the ones on this list for example 5 foods that end healthy habits.


Who hasn't wished for a summer body this year? Achieving a more beautiful body and appearance is undeniably one of the greatest desires of the vast majority and there is no problem with that.

But for those who have not succeeded or want to continue seeking to achieve this goal, the ideal is to maintain a healthy routine, not only maintaining a good diet but looking for quality products. The quality of the water can greatly influence the health of your hair for example. Find out how! What's more, establishing a healthy routine also includes scheduling routine visits to a cosmetic Dentist in Dallas.

Digital Detox

Believe it or not, spending more time present in the moments will generate a healthy year, much more than you think! But calm down, we are not telling you to spend the year offline (not least because many of us need the gadgets), the tip is to keep the digital world apart from time to time.

Try to spend a weekend with your family, read more books, spend time with your animals and even travel, a time off can always add a lot!

Home and decoration

The environment of your home also helps a lot to maintain a healthy year, to take advantage of this turn and beginning of the year to redecorate (even if minimally) your space is a good start to feel a healthier year coming!

Physical health

Holidays are a great time to reorganize your routine and include physical activity every day! Everyone knows that exercising is one of the best practices for achieving a healthy year.

Look for a sport that you enjoy, so you will feel more pleasure practicing and continue to persist. If your problem is time, you can exercise at home! The idea is not to stand still at all.

Drink more water

Finally, it is very necessary to review how much water you have been drinking, as many know, drinking the ideal amount of water can be transformative for your health! Especially if it is quality water that adds even to the expansion of energy!

Want to know how it works? Take a look here: alkaline water and the expansion of energies!

If you want more tips like this, be sure to follow us Camp Hill Health Care, or if you have any tips or questions, just leave them in the comments and we will be happy to help!

Want to become a Water Specialist?

Although there is a lot of scientific evidence on water quality, there are still few scholars on the subject in Brazil. To settle these doubts and make life easier for those who want to understand more about the subject of Water, we have compiled hundreds of scientific articles in texts of better understanding.


Why consume water and not other liquids?

The purpose of this text is to talk about the various liquids consumed on a daily basis and to demonstrate, with a scientific basis, why consuming water and not other liquids is the ideal attitude for those who want to have a healthy life.

The high rates of overweight and obesity are generating many studies to assess risk and protective factors for this epidemic (1). One of the hypotheses is the substitution of water consumption for sweetened drinks (2,3).

Soft drinks and other sugary liquids are related to obesity, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver (fatty liver), insulin resistance, and diabetes.

Soft drinks are one of the main factors that contribute to obesity in childhood and adolescence. Soft drinks have already been banned in schools in France and England and in some cities in the United States, such as Los Angeles and Miami (4).

Water Purification. Importance of consuming pure water.

It is undeniable the importance of consuming pure water, completely free of physical and organic impurities. Therefore, it is essential that the purifiers are tested so that their effectiveness is proven.

Inmetro is the body that assesses the quality of filtration of water purifiers (1).

The size of particles that the filter is capable of holding, the ability to remove chlorine gas derivatives from water, and its bacteriological efficiency. A good purifier should retain very small particles, less than 1 micron in size (1000 times smaller than a 1-millimeter particle). When the filter is able to retain even these extremely small soils it receives the P1 note from Inmetro, that is, it retains the smallest particles (1).

The ability of the filter to retain more than 75% of the derivatives of the chlorine gas placed in the water. When the filter has this capacity, it receives a score of C1. It is important to understand that it is essential that water companies add chlorine to the water, as it kills bacteria, which prevents various diseases, such as cholera, typhoid fever, among other diseases transmissible by contaminated water. However, the chlorine gas that is added to the water is harmful to health and must be removed from the water before consumption and before bathing. (1). Understand the Danger of Chlorine Water.

The ideal water should be rich in minerals

Although water always looks the same, there are fundamental characteristics that need to be considered, for example, ideal water should be rich in minerals.

Water provides several micro and macro essential elements of mineral origin that play a major role in human health. In addition, there is a similarity in the quantity of these elements in rocks with human tissues, demonstrating an influence of the environment on human health (1,2).

Many of these micro and macro elements found in water, when deficient, at normal or excess levels, are related to health and disease (3, 4, 5).

Nowadays there is an increase in attention on water quality. The concentration of these elements in water has a strong influence on the chemical structure of rocks and local volcanic activity (6).

In some rural areas of China, water quality has a long-term impact on the health of local residents (7).

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