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5 Tips for choosing a prenatal vitamin

Prenatal vitamins are nothing but thee supplements that are meant for pregnant women to help their bodies with the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy pregnancy. Your gynaecologist may suggest you intake the prenatal vitamins, when planning for your pregnancy, as well as even while you’re pregnant.

Consuming a healthy diet with a proper timetable is always a wise idea, especially during the ongoing pregnancy. This prenatal vitamin for women not only helps bridge the gap of essential nutrients, but also helps an expecting woman throughout the pregnancy.

But how to choose the right prenatal vitamin is a question? Below are some of the useful and top five tips to help you narrow it down:

       Folic acid is an essential ingredient

This vitamin B perhaps is the most crucial nutrient that an expecting woman should intake before and during the pregnancy. Numerous research and studies have proved that it can help in preventing birth defects, including the spina bifida and a couple of them which uncertainly the expecting parents will never wish for. These also includes problems including the baby’s brain and spinal cord which can be an eye opener and even serious.

HERA has come up with the most essential prenatal vitamin in a form of a simple capsule that has key vitamins and minerals needed to support the pregnant women, which includes folic acid as is recommended by the doctors and gynaecologists. You can get yours from here

       Calcium is the key

Everyone is more or less well aware of the fact that calcium is good for bones, and it’s equally important during the pregnancy while the bones of the baby are developing. Calcium pills also help in reducing down the blood pressure in the pregnant woman. While, not every prenatal vitamin takes care of the right amount of calcium, and if your prenatal vitamin doesn’t have enough calcium amounts, look at a separate supplement. HERA ensures, it has enough calcium that is required for women, and since the calcium capsules are difficult to swallow. HERA has ensured easy absorption, along with no side effects.

       Iron is important

Iron is needed to increase the blood volume, and iron is also required for your baby to ensure proper development. However, the daily recommended amount of iron is 27 mg, but your iron levels will be checked, when you go for prenatal appointments, while you can always opt for HERA Prenatal vitamins for women, if in case your iron levels are low. It is recommended to eat iron-rich foods like meat, eggs, best fish to eat,  beans, leafy greens, etc, to avoid iron deficiency.

       Iodine is equally important

Iodine is very much required for the brain development of your baby, but surprisingly, many expectant mothers aren’t deprived of it. The recommended amount of iron for expectant women is 220 mcg per day. Use iodized salt, when cooking to increase the iodine intake.

        Keep a watch at vitamin A levels

Very high on vitamin A supplements may be linked to the child birth defects. However vitamin A is essential for a good and healthy pregnancy, but this deficiency is rare and vitamin A is generally not needed. It is mandatory to ensure that any prenatal essential that one consumes during the pregnancy does not have higher than 5,000 IU of vitamin A nutrient.

It’s always a good idea to consult your gynaecologist to ensure that the prenatal vitamin that you intake has proper and all the required nutrients you need. Moreover, eating a well-balanced diet will help the pregnant women with necessary vitamins and minerals.

Getting the daily nutrients as a part of your diet has been made easy and possible with HERA. No matter how well balanced your diet is, it is equally crucial to cut down on the nausea, reduce child birth defects, and prevent preterm birth. Additionally, if you're a vegetarian or a vegan during your ongoing pregnancy, ensure you inform your doctor about the same and get the right nutrients present in your supplements.

HERA ensures that all its products are cruelty free, 100% vegan, easy to absorb, contains all nutrients, 100% safe, and no side effects, doctors recommended, and verified. For more information visit:

Lastly, please ensure that taking prenatal vitamins is a complement to a well balanced and healthy diet, but they don’t replace your diet in any way. It is important to eat a healthy, nutrient-rich food throughout the pregnancy. 

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