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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Ship Chandlers

Ship Chandlers are actually retailers who offer specific services in ship equipment called ship stores or supplies. Put simply, ship chandler in Curacao is like a grocer supplier who supplies essential commodities to the crew of a ship. 

There is a large list of chandlery items such as oil tankers, twine, mops, boat hook, hammer, hand pump, and many more. Due to the existence of ports and the political and social dynamics of ship ports, nowadays, ship chandelling is in demand.

There are many Curacao chandlers that provide required things immediately to the ship. So, how will you select the best one from all those? Let’s have a look at a few tips which will help you in selecting the right Curacao ship chandler.

  •  Check for Certification

             It is very important for you to check the certification of the ship chandler in Curacao. The certification of a ship chandler is surety about the quality standards of the ship chandler.

  • Infrastructure

            You should select a ship chandler that has a big, spacious warehouse where they can keep the goods safely. Also, makes sure that they have a good transportation service. So, they can do timely and safely delivery of goods.

  • Check if They Do Timely Delivery or Not

            This is one of the most important factors to consider while selecting a ship chandler. They should be able to deliver goods on time. You should try to avoid ship chandler who is in a habit of delaying the delivery to their consumers. This kind of unnecessary delay might create troubles for the ship and its crews. The right ship chandler should be able to respond quickly to all forwarding and clearing inquiries.

  • Make Sure if They are Efficient in Major Language or Not

            You should select ship chandlers who are efficient in communicating in major languages. If they are able to communicate in major languages then they can talk to the various local stores and also to the crew on the ship without facing any trouble. Lack of knowledge about the major language can become an obstruction in the smooth process of the ship chandler.

  • Ensure Prices and Versatility

            Make sure they are affordable. The prices offered by them should not be higher than the market prices. You should also select for their versatility. If they are versatile then they can easily fulfill different requirements of yours whether it is related to engine, deck and engineering, or electrical supplies.


In a nutshell, a ship chandler can get you relief from going out to the different local markets in order to purchase things you need for your ship and crew members. The right ship chandler in Curacao will be capable to provide you all the essential goods on time. So, keep in mind the above-discussed tips while selecting ship chandlers suppliers Curacao.

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